Survivor Profile: Carol Boyd


Carol Boyd was not a member of the Peoples Temple, but a concerned relative of two members of the Temple who had followed Jones down to South America. Boyd found this migration unnerving, so she joined the Concerned Relatives organization, an organization specifically for the family members of those who had gone to Jonestown to voice their worries about their family members (Q039 Summary).

Boyd’s concern grew so strong that she accompanied Congressman Leo Ryan on his expedition to investigate the validity and safety of the Jonestown commune. Along with Boyd, several other members of the Concerned Relatives organization came along (Q039 Summary). These members included Tim and Grace Stoen; Howard and Beverly Oliver, Steve and Anthony Katsaris, Clare Bouquet, Jim Cobb, Wayne Pietila, Bonnie Thielman, Sherwin Harris; Nadyne Houston, and Mickey Touchette. A handful of reporters also joined Congressman Ryan to document what they found. Two temple attorneys were also present at that time ( They arrived at Jonestown on November 17th, just one day before the suicides took place (Q039 Summary).

Boyd was the aunt of Judy and Patty Houston, two dedicated members of the Peoples Temple. Boyd had a growing concern that her family was being held against their will in Jonestown, not being able to leave even if they wanted to.

Official recordings were made of the trip to Jonestown, however Boyd recorded her own personal tapes of the events to share with relatives at home. She left  with the tape in her possession (Q039 Summary).



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