Nov. 4 – Memo from SF Temple – Annotation

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Stateside Feedback Sat Nov 4

-MARK: T[B] called him and he gave her the massage. Shex was OK, lis ened to the message and said to tell Jim not to worry. Mark said that he got no indication that her plans were changed, though he said she sounded disturbed that the family was making an issue of it, especially over the phone to him. Mark said he told TB it was a mistake and everyone thought so. TB asked if he would be her lawyer and he said he would have to check with us first because that might mean a conflict but she said no conflict, she just wanted counsel in case the going got tough with the US govt agencies (or US govt.) Mark repeated he would have to check, and she said she would keep in xxxxx touch.

[M]]AR[I]AS brother just called and said he would take up her offer to come down and will arrive on Pan Am on Nov 15th at 11 pm.

-Maria will arrive in capital on Sunday and be in interior on Monday.

-Mark says he has not heard from Ryan directly and if he doesn’t he will write him tonite with our position and to the higher ups in the States Department. Don [H]arris of NBC says he understands our feelings about NBC coming. Mark says that since Ryan is hostile, briefed by TOS it was Marks conclusion that NBC will show Ryans reactions etc one way or another whether he talked to him in the capital or in LA. Mark thoughtx that since that was going to happen anyw[ay] might have a change to balance that and Don [H]arris would do it. NBC will be nasty, but maybe if Harris comes he will be nasty and nice too. No way around the fact that Ryans visit is official and NBC is going to do something.

-They havent called the HOustons yet because they were waiting to see if this trip comes off and then Mark would invite them from you– to take R[y]an aback a bit. But Jean told she should invit them as well as Mark.