Nov. 5 – Memo from SF Temple – Transcript

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–Claire Janero– told Bonnie to apply for transfer of license since she is going permannent . She wasnt told it was permanent bit went ahead and told Bonnie that. Bonnie didnt double check ( but Jean said she seemed hesitatnt when Jean asked her how this all came about without direct instruction.) The paper work on the transfer has begun and would be difficult to undo. Anyway, with that attitude Claire shouuld  come for good… But it does show how Bonnie feels, I think. Also Bonnie feels it is the best way she can help us. xxxx it took two people to run the place, nit just Claire alone.(But Jenny Cheek was cleaered to help run it with Bonnie.)

–Escrow on R-V church closed on Nov 9th

–Judy [M]erria[m] and Jewel Runnells—they are both very unhappy at having to stay longer. They will try to arrange tempoarray solution but but it is felt that cannot be put off much after the first part of Dec. ( if they stay til then we will not lose the DEc. check. )

–Mark called and took the additional message for TB down. Wrote to Ryan with our position. Ryan has not returned his call.

–Mac needs to know the date the second trust deed to Earnest Jones property was made and to whom was it made in favor of. (I’ll ask Jann or Gene to find out.)

–_J is pushing for Kelvin Lowry ( Ruths son) to come down. He is acting out badly and is not helpful there now. If he were to come, he would be an instant E.C.U. resident.

–Jean visited the Soviets on the 61st anniverasry party and they were very very positive. Sauid how they knew [PT] to be very active. xx Soviets [k]new all about us and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx werearranging a delegation to go to the USSR. Will see them tomoroow again.

–[M]ARY AND J[IM] [P]ROKES—will be arriving  in GT on DEC 16th at 6:45 pm. British Airways, Flight 255. (One solution is to have them come then and come into the interior for a few days and then [_ike] could go back with them to the capital on the pretext of having to bethere for the cult ural show—they could see the show and go. [W]ould put them in JT for only two days probably.)

Jean called Kathy Richardsons mother to tell her she’s gone. She wants to know if they kid wi[ll] be back for [X]mas. Kathy should write soon. RITA

–They sent a copy of The letter to Ol via s ecial delivery and [s]he said to tell Jim that her reaction to it was that [i]t was subtly hostile to Jim and manipulative.

–[M]ark will be in SF Tuesday to discuss at. Enq._, Ryan etc.

–______: Terry Jones needs a list of the Class 4 medication need so that Joyce can get a letter authorizing her purchase and carry to Guy ana from Venesuela. Weare sa[y]ing Goodlett to write the letter, since the license ## of the d[o]ctor is required.