Conspiracy Case: Chapter 3

Treasury Department: Response to Peoples temple Inquiry about David Conn and other apparent Treasury Department representatives’ probes with regard to Peoples Temple.

After hearing that David Conn was in some way connected with the Treasury Department, Mr. Prokes wrote to that Department asking them what the facts were about any investigation tat might involve Peoples Temple. The letters included here are the responses to our inquiries. Both Mr. Tropp and Mr. Prokes wrote letters of inquire. Responses came from the Internal Revenue Service, the Treasury Department, and U.S. Customs Services.


In April, 1977, Rev. James Purifoy, a former member of Peoples Temple, reached Jim Jones by telephone in Guyana. He was calling because he had received a call from a person who said he worked for the Treasury Department and wanted to know anything Mr. Purifoy could remember about Jim Jones and Peoples Temple. Rev. Purifoy did not talk to the agent other than to say that he had nothing to say. Mr. Purifoy’s address, as we last knew it, is 35 E. Santa Ana St., Fresno, California. His phone number is 227-8068. Following the letters included herein, is an affidavit of Sandra Bradshaw and Tom Adams, members of Peoples Temple who were present at Rev. Purifoy’s home when he made the call to Jim Jones. They verify the fact that Rev. Purifoy did indeed call Jim Jones in Guyana and relate to him the account of his call from the Treasury Department agent.