Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-EE1-AB-20 (transcript)

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This is Wesley Bridenback and I’ve heard my brother is now suddenly interested in me, I think its Harlan. He never was concerned before. that makes me sick. The only time he saw me is when I went to see him. I know he doesn’t approve of my association with blacks because I married a black woman and he didn’t like it – well I don’t care and I don’t like him either because I love my wife. I think he’s tied in with those punks who were in the press conference in front of the S.F. temple. He never tried to contact me before – never! I know he’s used a lot of dope and drinks a lot too. I don’t trust him – anyone who wants to tear this down in a sadist, criminal or a neo-nazi, they have gotta be out of their minds. Listen – I am preparing to go to college and there are all kinds of opportunities for me here, and I don’t want it messed up by him or anyone else. I’m not going anywhere!

[Illegible writing that has been crossed out]

as far as I’m concerned, he should leave me and my mom and sister alone.