Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-EE1-C-34 (transcript)

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I believe in Revolutionary Suicide. I will take care of Kaywana and Mark and Isaac if I’m needed to and if the need arises.
I know that it is not easy to do but under those circumstances that would be arising then. Would make it easier to do and fast due to getting the job done.
I figure if any of our where here at that time the wouldn’t come out until they thought it was over with.
I was thinking of cutting myself on my leg, for so that the blood could throw them off, Playing dead, when they enter to kill them.
My first idea to kill them was with a gun, but they are very scarce. So maybe some sort of bomb or grenade (I hear Jair Baker knows how to make them) could be use to blow them and me up.
This could plan could be used for those of us who are mobile at the time, but the peaces would have to be places example: Radio Room, Office, Community Building etc.
I The people doing this job would have to time the explosives as close as possible.
As for Georgetown I agree that at some point for survival some of us may have to go in an put ourselves afire.
I think it have more emphasis if there were 3 and they were integrated and ranged age wise.
I am willing to go and do this. I known how after you have deal on you and it is lit you would feel too much. It would be over soon.
As far as Kaywana stands, it is more important to keep you operating than myself for her sake. The love and care you give her. I can never give like you can.
Thank you
Jocelyn Carter