Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-EE1-C20 (annotation)

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I really screwed up today. I lost my temper with Lula Ruben, a senior, was swearing- not at her in the sense of name calling- but nevertheless talking loudly and unkindly to her. Such conduct out the mouth of a white supervisor is not excusable. Several others heard this. And I am sure it went all through Dorm 5. Mrs. Ruben went away saying this is just like the U.S.A. I apologized to her at that time. I am bringing myself up for L.C. (?) because it will have to be made public to clear the air. Whether or not some[one bri]ngs it to your attention

By way of explanation, but not excuse, the flu bug that has got to my stomach so I haven’t been eating much for the last day and a half, my blood sugar was off and I just lost my self control.

I feel very guilty about the whole episode and would like to work Sunday afternoons for 4 weeks.