Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N-1-B-12 (annotation)

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Now it is necessary to do something to protect the people up there from the enemys there and we can’t continue to wait for our people to come here.

I thought of volunteering to go back and take some of them with me, but thought that you might think that I was up to something. Anyhow I could easily get in with them, as my patterns of negativity etc are well known and Tim Stoen was here, I could act disgruntled etc. This is a very difficult job though, you would have to get involved, but not too involved. You would have to say negative things, but nothing the press could use, assuming always that they carry tape recorders. I would have to contact them and play hard to get and let them recruit me themselves, this would take time, but if you I played it right they might hold off other operations and concentrate on me, if they thought they could get to me to do something for them.

Perhaps if I was back there halfway in and halfway out, like if demanded to go back but didn’t fully want to leave and had somebody in the church beat me up with bruises etc that those outside could see.

Mickey T used to always try to get me to fuck her in Santa Rosa (over) I could let her think that she had a hold on me, I’m good at playing stupid and calculating people. Most of the college student traitors would underestimate me and Tim would thinks I crazy and unstable. If I could get them together in strategy session, having been here since Tim left etc, I would prefer Potassium Cynanide and Hydrochloric acid to a bomb of could be made to look like a final act of conscience or guilt and suicide and if there were no contacts proven with the church they could pin it on you, especially if I went to see a shrink up there and showed some paranoiad tendencies, but not enough to get comitted. Even if I could string them along for awhile I could set them up individually or even get shot to death in bed with Tim Stoen, and set Grace up as the murderer frame Grace as the killer. Many things are possible, I wouldn’t get caught up in their shit, I hate the states, and Chris was a personal friend.

Jeff C.