Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N-1-B-9 (annotation)

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From Don Jackson

Dear Dad,

Yesterday I turned in a suggestion for strategy against our enemies. After thinking about this over and over I realized that the thought was unrealistic foolish, and far too passive and even ridiculous.

I don’t believe that we can keep these snakes away from our door without stomping on them and their organization.

The question is how?

We isolate one of them, say Grace Stone. Follow her, find out where she lives, where she works, where she shops etc.

Follow her at a distance and take enough time to find out who her contacts are and where they meet etc.

Put a large poisonous snake in the front seat of her car the snake may bite her but not kill her or it may kill her in either case it would scare her half to death.

Continue following the scary bitch taking note of all people she contacts.

When we find out all those she has contacted we do the same thing to Deanna Mertle.

This will scare her enough that she will run to someone for help. We follow her taking note of who she contacts.

When we find out all those who they have met with we send them a note of sympathy saying sorry that someone in their family has died.

If we feel to act now they will look at it as a sign of weakness. And we have no guarantee that they will not try to kill another one of our people.

Concerning my first suggestion if we could spread that kind of rumor among their own group and have them thinking that maybe the conspiracy has longer trust them, maybe it will confuse and disunite them and when we make this second move they won’t know who to blame.

Also spread the rumor that you have slipped back into the country. This will add to their fear.

I will volunteer my services to be a sniper with a high powered rifle to kill Elmer Mertle. I know I could do it and get away.