Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A30 (annotation)

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Dear Jim —

I wish we could find more fruit we did try very hard –

We have approximatly

1200 civil oranges

500 Lemons

100 Sweet oranges

48 pinapple

380 Mangos (eat @ once)

*Now the problem – The mango must be ate at once!!!

The civil orange and lemon can be used only for juice!! Civil orange is very sour!!

There are 100 sweet oranges for the children!

I thought that with the pineapple and juice from Lemons and civil oranges everyone would get some vitamin C!!

I just worry because sometimes I think the kitchen doesn’t like to squeeze all the juice out and I think they should squeeze out every drop of the juice so everyone can have some.

So with the amount of fruit it can be equal out.

I wanted to get everyone an orange or mango but I could not do so. I’m trying not to be redundant but I just wanted you to know what is here so someone can push the kitchen so as not to let citrus spoil.

Sometimes Dorothy takes fruit for special dieters. I also at times I’ve seen Lemons lay to long in banana shed because (I think) someone didn’t want to squeeze fruit!

Forwarned is forarmed. I honestly don’t like to be as critical and I know the kitchen does the best it can but its just depressing trying to find fruit and we can’t find it.

I talked to Agriculture minister from the area called “Chanty” this week and he gave me names of man I can see for mangos – So I’ll try very hard to get fruit this week -!! If its possible I’ll get fruit!! Somehow.

Oh Jim Holden was extremely friendly-He went for us and talked – Shook hands I don’t know why, but he sure had a different attitude!

Thank God for small changes! (smile) Ha Ha …

Don’t worry about us – we will be trying for fruit –

Give Patricia and Tyrone my Love please.

See you – Take care. Don’t Worry- Much Care!! (Patty)


Dad, (Patterson)

I am writing concerning Pat and I. I am grateful to you for allowing me the opportunity to see, that I can make it and stand on my own two feet without Pat. I was very emotionally dependent on him. I am not sure what is happening with him now, as far as I am concerned. I do not want him to think that he has to go with me, for any reasons. I can see where I may have needed him before. I do care for him. I have changed, thanks to you. I have some very mixed feelings about him and do not want to have to hassle his flirtations and games. There will have to be some changes, in the way he treats me for us to contin-ue, Although he has been a good friend. And I hope we always will be. I do not want him to think he has to go with me, cause I only need you and this cause. I feel I could take a break. I also feel he really wants Diane back first, and sometimes he used to mess up my mind over her.

I want to add that my sister Marlene Wheeler has been making accusations, lately that I am slightly going off my nut again. She said I mention Pat to [illegible] and that I should watch out cause it wasn’t normal. I do not like the little insinuations that I could be crazy, especially in front of other people, she was quite serious and Dad, I have not needed any medication or therapy and I don’t think I every will. I started off pretending to be crazy years ago, because it was easier, but I am not nuts. Alot of people here thought that I was, but there are changes. I can’t say that at times I don’t get overly upset over things, but how abnormal is that? When I have a confusion in my mind, I usually write to you. And the last letter I wrote to you con-cerning my job change, I was up-set and I think that that was a contradictory letter and didn’t make a lot of sense because it was emotional and not thought out. I feel my sister may have a grudge against me, cause when we were young I accidentally sprayed her eye with perfume when we were in a fight and she says I purposely did it. It has caused her wary [illegible]. And I think she hates me for this and why she [illegible] around that I may be set off at any time, pisses me [off] as I feel I can hold it together now that I am here, in our Freedom Land. Thank you Dad, I am eternally grateful.