Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A33 (annotation)

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Tim Stone is the #1 cause of this, I believe if a number of our security (4 or 6) but first, delay the conference since the meeting is tomorrow and get another date for this conference. Get our security to pin point TIM STONE at the conference or before the conference and used him for bargain power or hold him as a Ace card to determine our manovers to protect our own, cause of what we stand for. I know this is kidnapp but, right now we are at a do or die matter. We have to stop this madness of all these lies and holding up our shipments to protect our name of Peoples Temple. Their has been to many leak out of information going back to the states 2 wks before I came over I over heard people talking about tape unites where going to takes from the people. What ever we work out to to determine our stragagy we have to secure our information with security and the people. Their has been to many right on the head statements that gets back to the states. Example, other people besides you knowing your ready to go and the day you might be leaving. So I hope we’ll be able to keep this under controll.

I also Dad would like to join the Security (SATT) Team.

Thank you Dad

Oliver Morgan