Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A36 (annotation)

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Dear Dad

RE (What option I would choose if the fascists took over)

The jungle because in the jungle first of all we would have some protection in the jungle. In the jungle we should make our “stand” and fight, personally I would choose to commit revolutionary suicide. After which I would first do what I could to help the seniors, I would fire on as many fascists as I could, even, if I only got one! More so I only know that one will die, before I would committ revolutionary suicide!

Anyway I think that the jungle is the place to make our stand, because if we made our stand say here in Jonestown, sure we would do good the first battle, but it would be a waste to stay here because many and all the children would have to committ revolutionary suicide. More so in the jungle we could to Venezuala and have our people’s go to Russia, because in Russia we would be able to send people to fight in Rhodesia or go to Ethiopia and help fight in Somolia.

I apologize Dad for last night, because I did not speak on the “option” [I know I should have] of making a stand to fight. I will from now on, listen like hell, whatever news you give! I do apologize for last night because to me that is a guilt-speaking on miscellaneous heresay!

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Suggestion= That I would go to Las Angeles and “snuff” oot Tim Stoen! To snuff Stoen being a handicap, I don’t think no-one would even say anything. Moreso I could do like “The Day of the Jocel only to kill Stoen and take revolutionary suicide.