Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B1 (annotation)

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Possible stateside strategy – from [Redacted]

Dad- I wonder if we shouldn’t step up the outflow of people from the states. This thing w/ Teddy, and the near poisoning of Marcie seems to be a significant escalation in the conspiracies tactics. Maybe a skeleton crew of people could be drawn up – and I’m thinking Marcie should come over here – to close down the Temple. I don’t know what the psychological effects of this have been, but I think we should put our strongest people there, even if they’re now here. Maybe Johnny should go back for pulpit duty, and other trusted workers to provide the push. If we are now doing 15 people a week, I think we should push it to 30 people a week,- maybe even more. If we can move our people quickly, then we could post-pone retaliation two weeks or so. When K.L. and I were in New York City we whipped over 200 people out in 2 weeks. Our skeleton crew surely shouldn’t be more than 50-75 people. Then we hit but not a final thing. There’s a big difference between assault and battery and murder. When the Temple’s business is taken care of – maybe 3-6 mos – then we can go ahead and off these mother fuckers.

I really feel something has to be done now – some sort of retaliation – like I mentioned earlier in my note. The only thing a fascist respects is power – “turn the other cheek” doesn’t exist in their book and they will steam-roll and maul anyone who is pacifistic w/ them whenever we get ahead of these cowards, I think we should let them know that at any time, any hour, they are liable to meet the same fate. We could start a psy-chological war w/ Stoens until the right time to do something – mainly when they come to Guyana.

I’m not so worried about the neg-ative publicity that will come with our offense. It is obvious that they will make their own dirt- and they won’t stop w/ Chris – thats my opinion. If we dont show a response of force I feel we are fucking our-selves over, and making it no more dangerous for our people than if we take a posture of no response at all.

[List on second page of letter, written sideways]

Fix the hole in the road

Tell PNC we are sending 50 into the event

Tell UJ a march around Exam w/ all placard on conspiracy: Interpol, Stennis, Comm. bet, Exam-New W[ay]