Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B17 (transcript)

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Dear Jim:

Re: Chris murder & Conspiracy step up.
Solution: Something impressive for enemy’s to put some stumbling blocks in their plans, also to increase their fear and own mental harassment. They know your goodness & mercy but would get nervous & reconsider if something was to happen.

With our concern for getting our people out I don’t feel we can do all we’d like to or completely say fuck our reputation until their safe.

But… we could have particular things happen to make impression on particular lives such as Tim, Grace, Mertles, Lanbart and other Cocky Bastards.

They have tried everything else & couldn’t get to us. Now when their connections ended up dead in the jungle this could be their move.

I don’t know what level of fight we want to get into until the rest of us safe are here – But I do say hit some particular spots under the belt hard & drastic could cause slow up & give us people traveling tim[e]

I am willing; available & desirable for seriou[s] action with our enemy’s – thank you for giving me principle to make this possible for me.

Mary Ann Casanova