Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B28 (transcript)

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To: Dad

Fr: Bea Orsot

Re: New stradegy for protest against murder of Chris Lewis


Mass demonstration in Washington, D.C. around White House with definitive signs spelling exact protest RE Chris and all persecution we have endured. Get physical support of Russia, particularly, & any other socialist / communist countries – 1 at least from each country. Also get physical support Fr groups anywhere in U.S. that support US. – Include somehow Rosylyn Carter’s support of us – at least on a sign – enlarge to big size her picture of you & her & put on sign.


Have some people fast or threaten to set themselves afire after pouring gasoline on body. I personally volunteer to do latter underscored. (I am familiar w/ Washington DC)




This way – we get international recognition. Don’t deal with little shits in S.F. Start at the top & work down.