Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B3 (transcript)

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Here Is My Idea How To Handle the enemy.

I think that we could kill one o[f] the Mertle’s are someone of them that was involved, how I think it could be done is we could get someone not in the church tha[t] would do anything for us and let them kill one of them for [us] so we could make them scare[d] of us, let them no were not scared of them and are willin[g] to do anything we have to [do] to keep our people and are freedo[m] the person doing the job coul[d] set it up to look like someon[e] else did it.

Dad I’m willing to go bac[k] to the states just to kill a fe[w] of them especially Mr. [redacted]. Dad I don’t want to go back for my own reason, I hate the place but I would like to see that Mr. [redacted] and some others got a taste of there own medicine!!

How to deal with the Enemy.