Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B4-5 (transcript)

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Chris Lewis my commrad & brother, he was a good man, he did things he shouldn’t have, but he stood up for the church, was willing to give his life for you Dad, he was willing to kill the enemy.  That’s is a hell of a lot more then most of us would do.

The enemy killed my brother, the emenies should be killed off.

I would be willing myself to go back to S.F. and find every last one of those motherfuckers a kill them off I would not let them die easy, I would make the suffer, for the hell they have put you through Dad, and how the are trying to bring down the name of communism.  before I kill them I would get ahold of the ring leaders Grace, & tim stone, mertles, scare them to deaf, by letting them see the other killed off one by one.  I would save them for last and save the worst pain for them all the time, before I would kill them I would remind them of wh[at] they have done, who they have betrayed.

[NAME REDACTED] I would especially get him, because I am responsible for him, because he my so-called dad (<- ha ha shit) I belive that I would put him with the stones & mertles. I would even make him watch them die and save him for the very last, he should go through the most, I have to let the people know that even if you are relative, someone who is in this socialist land, to became a communist that you don’t go by; you even get the worst pain of all.

Dad we can not let this Bitches get away with this, if we did that, they would just try it again and again.

After doing this other people might see that we me business and will be afared to mess with us, and in fear the might became a communist there self.

At least my brother died for socialism, and not one the streets for nothing.

It’s better to live a short live and die for socialism then to live a long life and die for nothing.

I want to die standing up for this cause, because I really haven’t lived up I die for nothing, I believe that your death should have a meaning and purpose. Death is a blessing to me when I did I want to do it right.

I don’t to die without taking some of the damm enmies with me though.

I hope you can read what I wrote, I don’t write very well.

Thank you