Notes on Ryan’s Visit (E-3-A-2[4-5]) – Annotation

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__SF CHRONICLE REPORTER just walked up to the house, into the back xxx area without knocking or anything. Sharon and Deb are talking with him. Said he would like to accompany Leo Ryan on his trip to JT.

— The Ambassador is mmetting with CR at 2:00.

Miniser of Education is meeting with Press at 10.

— he said the reason the Chronicle xxxxxxxxxx sent him was beca[?]use he was not opposed to socialism and not like Kilduff. He said Reiterman was here to cover other side… and xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sharon said how cpme you wrote such a crummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx article? Said nothing could be worked out, now. [H]e said he did another article which included our statement. [H]e said that he thoyght it was just a question of two groups — us and relatives — getting together and Sharon said it was much more than that — mentioned Dennis Banks etc. He said he was aware of that background. He talked a little about being held here — (arrested)

Stephan intriduced himself. Talked a little about the team and cultural show and he said it sounded very interesting and he would very much lik to see JT. He is allowed to Stay five days but he could get an extension. He said he believes socialsim could work – he doesnt belive it can work on a large level like USSR, He said this would probably be the last time somebody comes from the Chronicle.

–Talked to Bunny Mann who said it was very impertinent xxxxxxx for Ryan to just drop in.

— Hamaludin — said that Cana picked up an article about Mark [L]ane, and he submitted our statement to Cana.

— Bonnie Burnham dropped by — she said she’s very concerned about Love Lofe and she was not connected with these other people and we sqid well ypu came with them and Sharon said if there’s any message xxx we’ll contact her. She said she’s a adopted daughter of Jim and Marcie and she loves everybody and she spent all her money to come here. She thought Paul was Brian Boquet and started to talk to him and Sharon said — this isnt fair — we already told you to leave, and so she left.

— BUNNY AND JACKSON_ both are very upset about RYANS visit last night. THEY are irate about RYAN, comments on prsion and cl[e]aning up for guesys. they also are pissed — said the guy should be arrested — and will be.

Brian Boquets mother came by — she stood at the gate. Said she wasnt with the other people (crying) and xxxxxxxxxxx we said yeah we heard about that from everyone else, and if she was so concerned she would tell this other people not to come by and bother us but to talk to the Embasssy. She was much less rude than Bonnie Burnham.

— xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

— Price of a guard 2.29 an hour. 47.00 a day on twenty-four hour basis.



– unofficial visit/ met with Jackson on a numver of isiuues: new Interntional econ Order and International Commodities Agreemant, I[n]ternational Sugar Agreement, Development in the Cariibean. He is staying with Burke.

– Should we give more information to Soviets on who is he

— Sherwin Harris caled again and Sharon talked to him at gr great length (Sharon is saying that sometimes talk is better — despite everyone saying otherwise — cordial, but no lrngthy discussions.) [H]e said that he is with CR relatives but not with Human Freedom Foundation. [H]e said he talked to people around Guyana and people think we are doing an incredible job. Sharon said he hoped you are not going around xxxxxxxxx spreading a lot of lies — he said no. And that coming to Guyana has given him a different view — the people are warm, he likes the country. Sharon said Liane happy, xxx upset ab[o]ut the harassment-p he said its fine, he just wants some contact with her. Sharon said — if any of you people are actually independent then you will not try to escaate the situation and will not try to contribute to spreading slander — that i[f] you go back and are objective and dont participate in this hate campaign then it can desclatae the siitution

BUNNY MANN__ CALLED FILED A PROTEST with American Ambassador about the way we [w]ere treated last night by RYAN. They protested aboit uninvited visit – and he talked Congresman, and Ryan met with the press and to them that our rights should be respected.

The US Ambassador told Ryan that his behavior was not acceptable.

Mann will call Mingo — he talkef to him already about getting a gura? over here — but none has come yet. He said they do not want an incid [sic] incident.

SHERWIN: HE SAID he thinks the press does distort things. Sharon said if you dont try to counteract this we will consider you responsible. Sharon going to see Hamaludin – he wants to tell us about the press cpnference [sic] and take our statement.

— She talked to Mingo (Debbie did) and he was surprised that Ryan would try to come out here today when he told us he wouldn’t // He talked to R. Jackson and he was aware of the situation. Mingo also talked to Lloyd Barker, and he said he thought he understood the situation.

The Ambassador that Ryan just made a tentative agreement to come up and he wasn’t deliberately trying to come up today without our permission.

Debbie talked to Paula and Paula said that Bunny and Jackson were aware of the situation that happened today and they were quite disturbed by them. They are upset that they have gone out of their way to bother us

Paula said that the press was waiting with a large group

Paula said that she heard xxxx Bunny talking to Jackson — Mingo refised to give any help about anybody coming over — wont allow it.

S[K]IP- said they would have a person patrolling the area — Hamaludin — Ryan press conference — Ryan he talked to Ann and about a dozen young men who were pretty quiet. Said he is not satisied with the level of access and does nt see why he cant talk to Jim without Lane present. He doesnt see why when he cant come when he wished and stay when he wishes. He dosent understand why the media doesnt have access.

He doesnt understand why all the realtives vcant go in. He saya he interpets the American Constitution that peopel should go where they want. He wonders about the religious status of PT — no God or religion mentioned in letterhead, no religious symbols in the house. IRS status. [H]e said its probably run on strict discipline and some structure probably neceassry. He questioned our tax status as a religious instittution. [H]e said even prisioners of war have access — He is not worried about the physical condiion of people, just the mental condition.