Notes on Preparing for Ryan’s Visit (E-3-A-2[11]) – Transcript

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Nov 15 – Wed

Two carloads of Ryan’s entourage showed up at our house this afternoon. They got out, took some pictures and came to the gate asking to see someone. We told them not at this time and asked them to leave which they did after a couple of minutes. G/town instructed to call Mingo and report it. (notes on other page).

–ANN saw Jackson today and as she was leaving saw Ryan drive up. She asked to be present as we were the subject of discussion and Jackson said no — they were just going to discuss his work (Foreign Affairs.)

–Barnwell said that Clarence Hughes and Luckhoo talked to Bollers about getting the John ase assigned to another judge. This was a few days ago.

–The Chron reporter who got jailed awas, according to Jackson, very insulting to the Guyanese immigration officers.

Ryan’s aide called and said he read the letter that Ryan wrote to Guy Young in May for the first time and he can thus understand our concern. He wants to get things straightened out and will come with Ryan only with Mark on Friday. Sharon told about her children and situation and the guy agreed things were getting out of xxxx hand. He said that they didnt know all the background of the people involved and he agreed it was getting out of hand. Wanted to meet as soon as possible. Said Ryan had the plane till Thursday, but Sharon said you can see why we’d want Mark along, and he said he’d see what they could do about working it out. He said he would work on it. Sharon told him about the people who came to his house, taking pictures and everything and how upsetting it was sat the time, and he said he could understand that and was concerned about it.. Dick Dwyer showed him the letter Ryan wrote in May. He said he would talk to the Ryan and will call back in a half hour. He said he would rather talk in person and asked if he could come over xxx tonite.

Bollers said he had talked to a few people –xxxxxxxxxxx Skip and Barnwell and showed him that letter and Barnwell said xxxxx it didnt sound very objective. Nobody has contacted him – didnt know they were in toen .

Talked to Luckhoo who said were ready — if they try anything, well handle it. He said he’d talk to Skip again about what happened this afternoon.

–Jackson–seemed to be interested on what level the conspiracy is.

I told him he could meet with Mark when he’s in town.

Seems generally to be x quite a bit of support from the peple we talked to. Talked to Harry Harewood and he was very symapthetic and wants to come again.

–From LUCY – Jackson — wated to know why we wouldnt let the woman aide xx to Ryan in.

— XXXXX RYANS AIDE CALLED — said having problem getting a plane Fri. Embassy will only let him have the plane through Thursday. We said we’d help them get a GDF plane for Friday. Said Ryan would like to talk to us on radio and Jim—misunderstanding etc. Would like to communicateetc. We said Jim ill, glad to xxxtalk with him Friday, welcome him out here then — etc. etc. and we won’t eat him. Ryans aide said Willie Brown gave us a glowing report.