Notes on Preparing for Ryan’s Visit (E-3-A-2[15]) – Transcript

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Georgetown// Nov. 14//

–Cournel Martindale coming up to visit on the 22nd. He wants us to get in touch with Gaskin  and tell him he’s going to be staying there until the 24th.

–Bunny Mann is going to try to get an appt. with Burnham.

–Sharon is suppose to call H. Green at 2 PM today.

–Sharon called Mingo  who was upset at being interrupted in the middle of a meeting. He said NCB and Ryan  have been cleared but whether this means clearnace to come into the interior when we do not welcome them has to be answered by the Minister of Interior — DeRush. Mingo said he was doing what he could in regards to the others. If xx NBC is cleared to travel within the country, they must be accompanied by a rep. from the Ministry of Info, at all times. Someone, according to Rashleigh Jackson, is supposed to contact us from the U.S. Embassy to ask if we will see the NBC team and Ryan. If we say no; Jackson said it is up to Mingo whether they can come into the interior, However, Mingo said it is up to the Minister of Interior who Ann  is trying to reach.

–The charter can come in tormorrow between 3:30 and 4:00, which is too late. Emergency medical flight. Gransalt said he couldn’t take them to Venezuela or Trinidad and neither can In Air. Debbie thinks there is one more which she will try. (Those coming tomorrow to pick up the people would be GDF)

–Who willmodel at the fashion show and each model should carrysomething like a piece of artwork, or craft that we make here in JT.

–Ann is to meet Margaret Ackman of one, at which time she will show her the letter sent to Bunnie re: PM; she has a meeting at xx 3:00 with the Soviets.

–Mac and Phylis are in G/town now. Should Mac go to the airport tonight so the ones coming in will see him and know he is committed

–Fashion show lady called again today and is wanting to get an answer re: the proposed show which would take place on Saturday. They also want us to have an exhibit. They want anything handmade–demonstrations.

–Sharon says she will not have the Soviets contact the press yet because they want all the facts to the situation and they are not clear as yet.*

–Should Phyllis, MacElvane, go with Guy and Sharon to the airport? (Maybe good, considering they say think we’ve kidnapped him) probably good Mac + Ann only.

*does she have a copy of Leo Ryan telegram?

Wood (68,000 BM) being loaded now. Should be here by the weekend. –Mark Lane not coming tonight, but rather tomorrowThurs.