Edith Roller – August 5, 1975 – Tuesday

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I did not have quite as much to do today as yesterday, though I had no free time. Carol was still finishing last minute requests.

At noon I saw the film in the employees’ series. It was called “Similkameen,” the name of a copper mine in British Columbia. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.

I got a cash advance for Carol, and she received her ticket. I typed her itinerary.

The Bank of America phoned me that my loan had been approved.

When I got off the bus tonight, I took my car to the Farmers’ Market (which is not really anything special in the way of a direct outlet for growers, but merely an ordinary grocery store), bought some fruit for the rest of the week.

I exercised.

I prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

The Temple message said definitively that the Hawaii trip had been postponed, but those who wish to go should make reservations. Probably with reference to the current emergency, we were told to be cautious in talking over the telephone to a man named Eliot, and no one is to leaflet at the present time.

At 10.00 I started to work on my journal, entering items from the 16 to 31 January section in my calendar and proofreading again, as I had been so sleepy when I did it last night.

Instead of “In Conversation,” Mobil oil’s program on KDFC tonight was commemorative of the dropping of the first atomic bomb, and I did not want to listen to it just before going to bed. I took a bath.

I read newspapers and little from Wilson.

I went to bed at 1.30.