Edith Roller – August 7, 1975 – Thursday

Transcript || PDF from 89-4286-HH2-37-38

I didn’t have much work to do.

I listed expenditures for July.

I ate my lunch outside. I went to the bank and deposited my check. Later I went to the bank again and signed the papers to get the loan for $300. I deposited it in my account.

After work I ran for fifteen minutes in the park.

I washed my hair after doing personal chores.

For dinner I prepared blintzes from a recipe I got out of one of Nora’s magazines. The filling used cream cheese and cottage cheese. Both the blintzes and filling called for eggs, so I won’t make the recipe often, but it may be possible to modify it so as to use only the cheese.

I took so much time preparing and eating dinner that I washed only underwear.

I read To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson for an hour.