Edith Roller – August 11, 1975 – Monday

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I spent the morning typing some inter-entity agreements for John Stewart. They were monotonous and in some cases the appropriate changes had not been made in the draft so I had to do several pages over.

I ate my lunch early at my desk and at 12.00 I went to the meeting arranged by the Bechtel Women for Affirmative Action, at which the speaker was the Reverend Glenda Hope, an ordained Presbyterian minister and director of the San Francisco Young Adult Network. Shirley Wong, assistant in the file room accompanied me. Reverend Hope seems to have given the Bechtel group assistance in organizing and made reference to the secretive way in which they had to operate at first. Reverend Hope’s subject was “The Fears of Men and Some Women about the Women’s Movement.” She tied the women’s movement into the movements of other liberation groups and emphasized the necessity for expecting and accepting change in every facet of our lives. She read a lengthy statement of Angela Davis. In a brief question period which followed her talk she revealed her attitude about Christianity and the Bible, that their main thrust is toward liberation and that Jesus was a great feminist.

In the afternoon I had some items to type for John. I had less than an hour free time to work on the Sunday entry of my journal.

I exercised tonight in the apartment, as the weather turned foggy and cool.

I started on a week’s diet of fruit, fruit juice and buttermilk. I finished the dishes about an hour earlier than usual.

I finished reading through the 1 to 15 February journal entries, then started typing the February entries. I worked until 11.30.

I read To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson for an hour.

I went to bed shortly after 1.00.