Edith Roller – August 14, 1975 – Thursday

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I had only one memo to do for John.

I spent a good part of the day drafting a letter to Mabs.

This afternoon, before leaving work, I started on Carol’s time card, having received information for it from her secretary in Gaithersburg.

I left at 4.00 for an appointment with Dr. Fudgen who wanted to see me after the hygienist had cleaned my teeth. He checked me for oral cancer, took my blood pressure. He was pleased that it had gone down to 135/80. He found some plaque and said I wasn’t cleaning my teeth properly. I have to have another appointment with the dental technician for more instruction.

At home I exercised.

I washed my hair.

Had my juice and buttermilk.

Washed clothes.

I read To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson.

I went to bed at 1.30.