Edith Roller – August 15, 1975 – Friday

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I got the time cards in for Carol and myself.

I typed a memo on the Martin Marietta Aerospace agreement for John.

After I had my juice and fruit for lunch outside on the PG&E steps I felt sick as I had yesterday after lunch. I lay down in the sun until I felt better. Then I went to the post-office and bought stamps. I needed an airmail stamp for the letter to Mabs.

I retyped the letter. I tried to indicate to Mabs that, though I may have been unjust to Dorothy, she (Mabs) had been unkind to me, citing her attitude, as I perceived it, about my affiliation with the Temple. I stressed that true love was doing something about the condition of minorities and other disadvantaged people.

At home I packed for the weekend.

I added noodles to vegetable juice for my meal tonight, as I did not want to risk being ill on the bus.

I got to the service as Redwood Valley people were arriving.

Wesley Johnson made an announcement on the contest, culminating on 31 August, in which we’re going to have to raise funds. Members who weren’t going to be able to go to Los Angeles were asked to make pledges, and I helped to write the names and amounts.

When Jim came on the podium, some of the security personnel marched past him.

Jim had been speaking at the Muslim temple in furtherance of the defense alliance we have with them.

Jim took the offering. Speaking of the acquittal of Joanne Little, he stated that he was responsible, having used his extra-dimensional powers to instruct the defense how to proceed. Our members were not to believe that conditions for blacks were any better.

Jimbo [James Arthur Jones], Jim’s grandson, had been heard to say that he let Patty Houston beat him because she was a girl. He had to fight a Buckley girl, who also beat him. Then he had to fight a white boy, then a black boy. He lost each time and got bloodied up.

Dov Lundquist had bragged he could beat Patty Houston any day. She fought him and licked him. Then he fought a white boy, who felled him with one blow.

Mark Sly, for bad behavior, had to fight Larry Swinney, and he lost. All these miscreants had to raise money pamphletting [pamphleting].

In a question period, someone asked if the coup in Bangladesh was the work of the CIA. Jim replied yes. Another person asked whether he could bring to service someone whose son was killed by the police. Jim replied, yes, these are the kinds of people you should make contact with.

The service was over at 12.00.

I boarded bus No. 3 in the lot, finding that other people were getting seats by doing so.

We sat in the buses waiting for them to pull out. The choir and security early buses were instructed not to leave ahead of the others. The leadership was having an emergency meeting. I went to sleep about 2.00, woke about 4.30 and went in to go to the bathroom. The meeting was over and the buses left at 5.45.

We had the first rest stop at 7.30.