Edith Roller – August 21, 1975 – Thursday

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This morning I received my vacation paycheck but not my regular one. As it had been returned for a sub-number, I waited until the second delivery, but it didn’t arrive then either. Betty Vasil checked with Finance and Accounting, and I went to the payroll Department myself.  They thought it might have been double-stuffed (put in someone else’s envelope) and wanted to wait to see if it would be returned.

I started packing Carol’s binders and papers in cartons.

Carol had invited me to lunch. She had had me make reservations at the Conference Room, a restaurant on the top floor of the Union Bank Building. When we arrived there, we found that they had the reservation for Friday instead of Thursday and had a waiting line, so they could not accommodate us. Carol was annoyed. We went to the Hyatt Regency instead, eating at their Market Place Restaurant looking out on the street. The day was very pleasant. I had braised beef brisket with a tomato sauce. The food was not hot and it was not very good. We each had a glass of white wine.

I worked on Carol’s last chronological file.

This evening I took the car to Taft’s service station to find out what was the cause of a strange noise it makes when starting. They said it was a worn left rear axle bearing. Replacement and labor cost were estimated at $40 to $50. I decided to wait until I could make up my mind what to do about the car. I am thinking of selling it or giving it to the Temple.

I washed my hair.

I received a Temple message that we were not going on the trip to Mexico. Jim foresaw danger to life and limb.

I prepared and ate a meal and washed dishes. I read To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson.