Edith Roller – August 23, 1975 – Saturday

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I got up at 8.30.

Magnolia called, wanted to go to the Coop with me. I picked her up about 9.15. We went first to Ida King’s so that Magnolia could deliver some baked goods for the concession stand tonight.

We shopped for groceries at the Coop. On the way home we stopped at Petrini’s, I to get some tomatoes, she to get some nectarines.

I unloaded groceries and put them away.

I prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes. I cleaned the apartment. I slept from 4.00 to 5.00.

I had a little more food.

I gave Magnolia a ride to the Temple service which was at 6.30. We were put quickly through the security check, were told to put away our name cards and pictures of Jim. Dr. Carleton Goodlett was there, talking with Jim and others upstairs, but he did not appear before the congregation.

Marcy told of some of her experiences inspecting hospitals and nursing homes. On many occasions she was led by supra-normal means to find the very situation which proved the malfeasance of the directors of these institutions who were giving poor care to or cheating elderly, helpless people.

Jim said Dr. Goodlett had been discussing with the Temple plans for getting approval for a redevelopment project in the Western Addition. A federal grant would be obtained. We would have an apartment house to provide communal living for us all, a hospital, a restaurant, a supermarket, a gym. Maps were taken down the aisles to show our plans.

The film, “Joe Hill,” was shown. At first the sound was bad and never did become very clear. The picture took many prizes in Europe, but the theater owners refused to show it in this country. It is the story of a labor organizer in the early 1900’s who was framed and executed by the Mormons in Utah when he was trying to organize the copper miners. We saw Jim crying at the end of the picture. Referring to Jesus’ words, “O Jerusalem, I would have gathered you under my wings as a chicken gathers her brood, but you would not,” he said he was crying because some people showed no feeling for the picture, some slept.

Speaking of the end of the police strike, Jim was bitter about the behavior of the police.

The service was over at about 12.30.

I had promised a ride to six children. I would have made two trips, but they didn’t find me although I waited some time. I took home Valor and Contonia.

We left the church at 1.00. I got home at 2.00. I read To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson and ate some snacks.

I vent to bed at 3.00.