Edith Roller – August 1, 1976 – Sunday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A-1-6 and 7

Up at 9.00.

Called Eddie. She told me arrangements for the reunion were all made.  Dor coming Friday and will visit Joyce for weekend.  Mabs coming for two weeks.  Eddie will pick up Dor and come to the airport for me on Monday morning so I won’t have to wait.

Beulah woke at 9.30.

I gave her for breakfast: grape juice, steak, egg, toast, jam.

I washed dishes.


Beulah told me Willie Malone was a changed young man.  He is going to summer school, getting good grade, not causing any trouble.

We walked up to Christians and Rob brought us to church at 12.00, the time for service this morning.

We were in service about 12.30.  Helen Love had saved a seat for me.

Announcements had been made.

Norman took the offering.

Jim on podium at 12.00.

Children, dozens of then, sang “I Thank You, Jim”

Apostolic Singers did a number.


Jim: Turn in professions, skills.  Government of Guyana making positions available.  Dr. Carlton Goodlett certain that no justice in America.  Jim said he talked with Goodlett about non-black socialist nations staying in Olympics.   He said Cuba was requested by black nations to stay in and make fools of capitalist nations.  He said health and muscular development of socialist nations showed.  Believes nuclear war will destroy county.  Ruling class waiting to rush in because they would not face public censure.  Goodlett wants to go with us.  He’s afraid white world would exterminate blacks.   There is no black America.  You have no real roots here, don’t believe and never will believe. You are surrounded by vultures waiting to prey on your flesh.  One of the saddest things is to see how Germans, Christian whites destroyed Jews.  But all resistance is gone.  Corporate institutions rule South Africa and are now sending 5 ½ millions of blacks to die of starvation.

Attack on those who believe Bible.

Nobody could have treated white people better.  They’d like to be healed but they’d rather die than sit behind a black person.  Our black leaders sell us out.  Bobby Seale going into ministry.  Dr. Goodlett says all phones of himself, Willie Brown, Cecil Williams, and Jim are being monitored by one department in phone company.  I hate the cross.  I don’t understand why you like it.  They hung Jesus on it.  Do you want them to hang you on it?

We ought to have rehabilitation for religion.  They have rehabilitation for drugs.  Dr. Goodlett says concentration camps not necessary.  Our youth killing themselves with alcohol and drugs.  Jesus was an atheist.  On the cross he said, “God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  You don’t want to see no Jesus.  When he comes he’ll go to Washington.  Whip their asses, he’ll whip Ford and Carter.

Carter says he has the black vote under control.  He has 10 million black Baptists.  “Carter is a son of a bitch.”  His church voted not to allow any blacks to attend or join.

Mother LeTourneau, reported Mom Taylor, didn’t like picture of Harriet Tubman.  Says she was ugly.  I don’t want her back, don’t write to her.

Reason for being later. You needed some teaching.  This stuff getting back to you.

Jim outlined some conditions here: earthquakes, can’t take money out, drought, viruses, no vaccine going to be available,  when 18% unemployed, what black people going to do then, black leaders returning to Jesus.  Few firebrands among Muslims keeping alliance with us, not their leaders.  But he’s trying to get land in the p.l.

He went over subject of terms such as right, fresh, advice on losing inhibitions.  He went over discrepancies in Bible.  For benefit of guests.  Don’t want anyone to die.  It costs me when you die here.  Go home and die on your own time.

I ain’t taking no religion kooks over there. They’ve closed all the churches.  Turned the church schools into technical schools.

89% of black leadership under investigation.  Jungle of black ghetto.  Youth hopeless.  It’ll never get better in this country.  A minority has never been able to survive.

We need to get away from the honkies and away from the Uncle Toms.

Jim made goal for selling possessions and giving us money fro the p.l.  Get in your $1000 pledges.

Black children have one out of 2 chances of being in jail before they are 18.

Took offering by sum.

If you don’t go to freedom I’m going to start me a fucking’ fight.

Question: Lee Ethel.  Coretta King’s attitude.  Jim: She’s sold out.  Took part in the Carter election.  Willie Brown and Mervyn Dymally said it was a big waste of money. Blacks not get anything in the platform.

Testimonial dinner for our leader.  September 25.  Many community leaders, public officials, dinner and entertainment.  Tickets, $20.00.

Questions about Farmer’s Market not wanting us to pamphlet there.  Jim’s attitude: if we can’t pamphlet there, then we won’t shop there and there are 8,000 of us.

Healings during which people were to come to the altar with their offering.

New members admitted.

Meeting was out at 4.45.

Couldn’t find Rob Christian, so took a bus home.  Had to wait over half an hour for a Hayes St. bus.  Vernetta joined me at the stop.  Finally when a bus came along and did not for some reason stop for us, we went over to the McAllister stop.  We didn’t arrive home until 6.00.

I ate a quick lunch.

Washed and changed clothes.

Returned to the Temple with Rob at 7.00 for service.

A film was being shown, “Rage,” with George C. Scott.

Film ended at 9.15.

Those of us who had certain skills were asked to fill out a resume of degrees and experience.

Rides were arranged.

Films of the p.l. were shown.

Jim: How many people have turned their property over?  Many haven’t.  You’re going to lose it, earthquakes, nuclear war.

Jim took and offering.

Jim on cussing, expressing your hostility, people ask: why are you so hostile?  I want to know why you ain’t!

Bonnie Stahl misbehaving on floor.  Jim moving her from the Redwood Valley to San Francisco.  Going to harness your toughness.

Von Smith pushing Santiago Rosa and on latter’s job at movie theater.  Santiago never gives us any trouble.  Boxing decreed.

People can be arrested for not giving ID when asked in Oakland and Berkeley.

X Griffith boy gave trouble.  Work all night.

Several girls sentenced to working all night.

Jack Beam complained of kitchen crew who left kitchen dirty. Colton admitted responsibility, said he left it clean.  He was to work all night.

John Gardner stole sodas from Temple. 2 nights work.

Ronald Campbell hit two smaller children.  He got 10 whacks and has to work tonight.  Jim had girl he had bit bite him, hit him with a paddle.  Socko called for to hit him until he cried.

Von Smith really took punishment from Danny Curtain.  Von gave Archie trouble all last week.  Von protected his face with his gloves.  Mark Cordell took over for last 30 seconds.

After a brief meditation period, the meeting was dismissed at about 11.45.

I went home with Christians.

Read newspapers.

Went to be at 1.30.