Edith Roller – August 2, 1976 – Monday

Transcription || PDF 89-4286-C1-A3-9-10

Susan Wintersteen from the computer center conferred with Dor for several ours this morning, explaining billing methods.

Phil Becnel wanted further changes in his Consumers Power contract and I started to make them, was about half way through when Ray Hines requested someone to take dictation.  He gave me letters and a memo on legal matters involving former employees for about half an hour, while Marquita finished the contract changes under Dor’s instruction.

I ate my lunch outside on the PG&E steps.  Even at noon the sky was overcast today but the sun came out a little later.

I worked on Harris’ work all afternoon.  The items were short but enclosures and extra copies were required.  I xeroxed most of the extra copies.

Marquita had little to do all afternoon and was very bored.

I couldn’t get away until late, as I had to prepare Harris’ materials for mailing and my bus was slow in coming.

When I got home I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes and I had a rather simple meal but I had some watermelon and cooked mung beans for lunches, which made me late.

I didn’t start work on my journal until 9.45.  I typed until 11.15 but did my 2 pages.  I am ready to make corrections on the 16 to 30 September entries.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.00.