Edith Roller – August 4, 1976 – Wednesday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-14-18

I had two typing jobs with revisions which kept me more or less busy all day.  The first was a memo for Marquita which I put on MagCard. It was on the dissolution of a contract in Argentina.  Jim Hartt, a new attorney, brought in a disc which required a new type of transcriber.  Dor had to locate one and read the instruction book to learn how to operate it.  She showed me.  It gave a very clear rendition.  The recording was on a contract dispute.

Marquita was on the ATS computer, correcting the job she did yesterday and Dor was working on a Schuman contract on the other computer.

The system went down.  Dor, Marquita, and I had a long conversation.  It started with a discussion of religion.  Marquita believes in God but experiments with divine cults.  Such subjects as evolution in which Dor does not believe and the literal interpretation of the Bible, in which she does believe came up.  Marquita and I mentioned some inconsistencies, but she was impervious.

Marquita asked for a change in her lunch time today as she wanted to have lunch with another girl.  I changed with her and volunteered to transcribe Hartt’s disc, for which he was in a hurry.  Later Marquita stated she wished she could have the early lunch hour.  She is sociable and wants to be with other people.  I’ll try to work out some compromise with her.

When I did go to lunch, the weather was very pleasant.

Marquita expressed her dislike for filling in the slips we complete on jobs we do.  She resented being timed on her work.  Dor explained the purpose and went with on with Bechtel’s personnel policies.  When Marquita inquired about raises, she said we get merit increases only.  Bechtel does not believe in cost of living raises.

When Dor was speaking of performance standards, she referred to Kate Walker but not by name, who she said wrote the book on secretarial procedures and office time and  was very put out when with a new boss she had to rewrite how to do her work. Dor doesn’t like Kate.

I went out on time.  Got home at 5.30.

Slept for an hour.

Prepared a quick dinner and ate.

Dressed for the service.

Christians phoned about 7.50.  We were in church at 8.05.

Rob handled the rides.

Wesley made the announcements.

The choir sang,

During testimonials, Tyrone Duncan told how, when his case was heard in court, the judge threw it out, bearing out Jim’s prophecy that he would not go to jail.  Yolanda Crawford, with her baby, was in a crash.  The car was completely demolished, but she and the baby came through without injury.

Jim was on the podium at 9.15.

Jim pushed the sale of the Berkeley Barb.  The Temple gets a percentage of the sales we make.  “It’s socialist, but not as socialist as we are.”  Of the Temple members Jim said, “People tell me you won’t buy it or won’t sell it.  You’re offended by something about sex.”

Speaking of mistakes which are made in hospitals, Jim said a top Republican, was given the wrong kind of blood and died.

The offering was taken and I was assigned to the platform.

Jim said: Have nothing to do with Grace Love Berry nor Valor St John.  They associate with the worst racists.  Mrs. LeTourneau is almost in that category.  Nobody is to write to her without Jim’s permission.

“The Twelve Chairs,” a comedy taking place in Russia, directed by Mel Brooks, was shown.

Jim read commendations.

He took another offering.

Several people were brought on the floor.  Keith Wright, backed up Von Smith when he was discourteous to a black hostess.  Philip Lacy and Von Smith gave trouble in the swimming party.  Jim gave Von 4 nights work with 2 hours sleep.  This is his last chance.  Hugh Doswell and Ricardo Arterberry were reported for misbehavior.  Jim mentioned that Ricardo comes from a battered child syndrome.  He and Hugh were assigned night work.

(No further notes were taken for this day)