Edith Roller – August 5, 1976 – Thursday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-19-20

Marquita was very moody today.  Dor asked her if she didn’t feel well.  I knew she was probably depressed by the numerous regulations of which Dor constantly reminds her but Marquita merely said she had a lot of problems.

Marquita worked outside our office on the MagCard.

Dor put me on the computer to work on a report for Steve Butler on all the litigation with which Bechtel is involved.  We had done a similar report for Insurance but what is wanted now is one with annotations which can be dropped if desired.  A special code is used for this.  Although Dor had set the job up with columns, it was still nerve-wracking work.

Went to the bank and deposited my check and got cash.

I worked on the litigation report 5 ½ hours, stayed late to finish.  I didn’t get out until 5 minutes after 5.00, but I caught a bus right away.

Was home before 6.00.


Took my washing to the laundromat.  I did underwear only.

Did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Had dinner and washed dishes.

I examined the three zippers which were not working on three of the dresses given to me by Claire.  Got one of them to work.  The other two will have to be replaced.

I ate some watermelon and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.