Edith Roller – August 7, 1976 – Saturday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-28-32

Our bus got to the stop at Buttonwillow at 9.00 late, having sopped for a short time for an older person to go to the bathroom and park for other reasons.

I ran, washed, started to eat with Rita Tupper.  I asked her whether Liz [Forman] had returned from being with her grandfather.  She said no; she hadn’t seen her.

We got the signal to board the buses before I was through eating.  I finished my food on the bus, didn’t brush my teeth.

The bus left the strip about 9.45.

I read the rest of Friday’s paper.

Slept until we got to LA at 12.20.

We were not allowed to take luggage into the church and food that we couldn’t bring it into the annex either.  I had to dress on the bus and leave luggage on the bus.  I was angry because we were not told where to dress. Read some critical comments from Lorenza Tucker who thought I was excessively modest, that I fear being raped.

Service started at 2.00.

Rides were arranged, announcements made.  Norm especially urged all to get their passports.  The price is raised to $25.00 ___ ___  the board had voted not to pay it.


Rick introduced the offering by telling of trying to get rental plane for Norman Ijames. Racial discrimination.  Norm started offering.

Jim came out at 3.20 at start of offering. Told of what has been happening to Norman in this city.  Asked about those paying commitment as in San Francisco.

Warning on using magical potions and other magical devices.  Stop it.  Trying to remove people in our congregation.

Questions:  Some persons (1) Some said conspiracy back of legionnaire poisoning. Answer: probably police.  Who else except police would have that talent?

(2) Corporations are paying blacks to get on talk shows to say nothing wrong with apartheid in South Africa.  Answer: Not surprised.  Some of our black people will agree to do it.  They’re killing off people in South Africa now.  Always find some Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes. That’s why we have to get out.  They get you in the end.

(3) Any danger in San Francisco Program, advertising, newspapers, owned by oil company.  Any problem to us?  They are racist.  Jim already had a round with them. We called them night and day, called their advertisers.  We’re rough.  They wanted to print story on us.  Is growing rapidly.

(4) Viola asked what are the 24 countries meting in Guyana.  Answer: Soviet Russia, Arab nations, Sweden are among them.  Are going to build an electrical energy plant as their falls bigger than Niagara.

(5) Statement on Olympics.  On black participation.  Jim: did your father’s heart good.  No  black nation in world participated but US Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes did.

Jim said baptism is evil, pagan rite connected with raising of children.  Why did her baptize people  Because stupid people wanted to be.  Just as they ask stupid questions on saving your soul.  If I save your ass, I’ll also save your soul, as it’s contained in your ass.

Went into subject of white Christians who lynched 3 million of our brother.  On Bible, Jim proved they wouldn’t want to go to heaven.  Discussion of Biblical errors.

Words on sex.  “If you work hard and get us to the p.l.  I’ll promise to get your __ ___ on sex prowess of ____ Jackson ____ ___ will do anything.

To new people: How do you know who to follow?  He told of his miracles, how the ____ lives.

Pamphleters left at 4.45, ate first.

Jim started healings  Then took another offering.  Healed more at the same time.

Then had people come to altar as he called sums.

Church open for new members.  Jim called names of those who should come.

Jim read names of kitchen crew, commended them.

Meeting ended 5.30.

Beulah got Earlene and me and the children a ride home with Geneva.

We had rice, ground beef, chicken wings and peas and I ate a banana and an orange.

Beulah is going to have a garage sale next weekend, mostly of clothes given to her.

I told Beulah of Lorenza Tucker’s unfriendly attitude.  Lorenza never talks with anyone. At the Christians, she said once of communal living that it was such a fine way to live that she wished all black people could have the opportunity, not all poor people.

I tried to read Radicalism in America but was so tired that I kept falling asleep and had to read paragraphs over and over.  I finally gave up and went to sleep.

It was about 11.00 o’clock when Beulah turned out the lights.