Edith Roller – August 10, 1976 – Tuesday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-39-41

None of us had much to do all day.  R.V.Galbraith, departing for Venezuela, left a contract for revision, which Dor worked on but with no great urgency.

Marquita was feeling much better.  She made some revisions on her MagCard work, having considerable difficulty.  Dor remarked to me that she did not know as much as she thought she did.

Phil Becnal brought in the Consumers Power contract I had worked on for revisions and I made those.

There was much conversation mostly between Dor and Marquita on astrology, which Marquita believes in and politics.  On the latter subject Dor got into the subject of communism among the young and in government and [Sen. Joseph] McCarthy, who she thought saved the country, from subversion.  Questioned by Marquita about the Hollywood purges, she was convinced all the accused were disloyal Americans,  I did not remark on any of this.

At noon I saw the film in the employees series, People of Ponce, about the Union Carbide chemical plant in Puerto Rico.  I may have seen it before.  It showed little of either the scenery or the common people of Puerto Rico.

I phoned Western Airline and formed the time of departure on my ticket.  Phoned the airport bus company and got information about giving to the airport for my flight.

Because of an attempted theft on Market Street, buses were not running on that route where I left work.  Fortunately I had gone to Mission Street to mail a letter, went to the East Bay Terminal to take a bus, from which I intended to transfer to a Hayes Street bus.  But I found the Hayes Street bus was running, along with others, on mission and was enabled to get home quicker than the crowds of people trying to find transportation home.  I was home a little before 6.00.

After meditation, I did my exercises.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

It was later before I finished.

I put on a new ribbon on my typewriter.

Took a bath.

Read journal entries for 1 to 15 October until 12.00.

Read Roszak Where the Wasteland Ends for an hour.

Went to bed a little after 1.00.