Edith Roller – August 11, 1976 – Wednesday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-42-48

The morning started off slowly.  I worked on journal entries.

Then Maggie brought in several resolutions from the Board of Directors and Dor gave them to me to put on MagCard.  I tried to make a master card which I could use for all but had a great deal of difficulty.  I was about to use the recorded heading only and type the rest manually but Dor finished the master for me.

She was working on a contract for Galbraith started yesterday.  Later in the day some additional materials was received from Phil Becnel on the Consumers Power Ann Arbor Litigation.

Dor put Marquita on the computer to work on another litigation report.  Marquita had trouble with it and when Dor attempted to instruct her, a flare up resulted and the two argued caustically.

I ate lunch at my old desk.

Most of the attorneys and secretaries have hid their offices and places of work changed.

When Dor was out of the office, Marquita told me she was very unhappy at work.  She is willing to work hard but expects to have some opportunity to make friends and resents the way Dor “bosses” her.  We tried to analyze Dor’s psychology.

After finishing the resolution for Maggie, I started an affidavit on the Sonatrach project in Algeria which had to be typed in both English and French.

I got out on time and was home by 5.30.

I slept for an hour.

I ate dinner.

Dressed for the service.

Christians took me to the Temple at 8.00.

In the service, rides were arranged, announcements made.

Jim on podium at 9.00.

People marching in Louisville, Kentucky for Ku Klux Klan in lines as far as the eye could see.  Other news of persecution. for supporting progressive causes. Gallup poll about strength of religious belief in America.  Bigotry and fundamentalist belief.


Jim said he had been speaking Party socialism for some time, hard to get back to religion

Commendations: Pat Martin, Danny Marshall, Patty Chastain, ____ ___ , Laurie ___, Cassandra Minor, Gina Severns and John Harris.

Commendations.  Calvin Johnson, Albert Smith found $3 and turned it in.  William Klingman found $13 and turned it in.  William Swinney [no such person – Edith has wrong name] found $10 in trash bin and turned it in.  Bonnie Stahl very cooperative since she’s been in San Francisco.  Chris Buckley told William Swinney not to tell he found the money.  Jim said since there were no other complaints about Chris he let him off.

Cornelius Truss outstanding when in children’s program.

Anthony Doswell disrupts, Tobiana Stone a problem.

Maria McCann. Kathy [Richardson] Purifoy.  Acting out negative thoughts.  Puts down communal living.  Mom gave her money, said she needed it for clothes.  Said going on work trip miserable experience.   Kathy, she said, was pissed off.  Jim said he has too much piss, but not any more. [She’s] very critical of people, many she doesn’t like.  Said she’s trying to get out of church commune.  Anita Kelley says she has been manipulative.  She admits it.  She ___ ___ ___she’s had.  Jim called attention to ____ ____ ___ habit.  She’s a good greeter.  She is to work for one night.  Jim:  Show us you can change.

Anita Garrison stayed in L.A.  Not back yet.

Bertha Ford avoids work.  Linda Mertle says they stay out to avoid passing out newspapers.  McElvane says Bertha refuses security.  Anita says she won’t give reason for avoiding work.  Her mom says she’s always had lousy attitude.  Jim wants to know why she treats everybody badly.  She says no reason, no cause.  He wonders of her homosexual relationship (with Linda) bothers her.  Finally says she stays depressed.  Jim said he not going to spend the rest of his life fighting people he loves and threatening.  Says he’s depressed all the time, nothing makes me feel good,  Jim says he prefers to find what is bothering her.

Jim hints he had a child abuse case which could have caused disaster for us all.  Something every day he has to straighten out or we’d all have to lose.  Jim emphasizes she lied to him.  She promises to do better.  Work all night. Linda volunteers to work all night.  Jim accepts three hours.

Linda Swaney now wants some help.  Her child being sent up the river.
Sandy Parks left the church.  Has concerns.

Poncho Johnson.  Bad attitude accused of bragging.  Driving recklessly, though he’s 16.  Jim warns of danger of being arrested, ties us up with damages which prevents us from getting away.  Orders all counselors against sending anyone underage out on security.   Jim gave him 2 nights straight.

Jim complains newspaper distribution fallen off.  He says people using other projects and pamphleting not to go.

Big drive to get more volunteers to distribute newspapers.  Jim says only way is to schedule time for all and bring people up when they don’t show up.

Jim. Some of you love it here.  Won’t do anything to help us  get out.

Lisa Wright.  Avoiding work since being in San Francisco.  Old complaint. Dismissed.

Von Smith. For pamphleting.  Quit.  Said his supervisor Connie Frohm let him off.  Lied.  Pat Hess said he doing better.  Penny told him he wasn’t doing better.  He took an overdose of medicine.  Jim warns Penny her role is reporter not disciplinarian.  No individual counseling.

Jim.  Keep improving and I’ll send you to p.l.  Quit picking on people all the time.  Keep things in perspective.

Donna Briggs [Lacy].  Bad attitude.  Tropp says she is improving.  Dismissed.

Coordination of reports from children’s workers needed.

Wayne McCall disrupts during tutoring.  Tropp says he’s improved.  Dismissed.

Anthony Doswell.  Impossible to handle.  Irvin Perkins, Monica Doswell, Tobiana and Anthony hard to settle down, says Diane Lundquist.  Jim had parents speak firmly to these children. Doswells picked up children and removed them from structured environment without permission.

Jim called out for emergency.

Dale Parks too another offering by sum.

Mike Prokes gave revelation from Jim.  First we were asked to close our eyes.  Those who had refused to pamphlet were to raise their hands and receive a cloth, to protect hem from harm to their bodies, then to make up their uncooperativeness.  Teresa King was praised for her dedication to the cause, saved from a blood disease.

The audience was asked to come to the altar and was then dismissed.  Jim had not returned.  It was 1.30.

Christians took me home.

I washed dishes. Read for a while. Went to bed at 3.00.