Edith Roller – August 17, 1976 – Tuesday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-67-69

I slept soundly the first part of the night, woke at 4.00 and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Mabs slept rather restlessly.

I got up at 5.30, made some Sanka, thought I would make journal entries.  But Mabs joined me and we sat talking until Eddie and Dor got up.

We had toast and eggs for breakfast.

When we had dressed we went in the car with Eddie driving us to see several of her friends in the locality, to her school to meet her principal, whom she likes very much, to the vet with one of the dogs who was limping on one foot.  We had hamburgers for lunch.  Mabs and I shopped for food for tonight while Dor and Eddie went to the beauty salon and had their hair done.

From what conversations I have had with Mabs, she is not as opposed as Dor to believe in some form of spiritual power, but she does not think highly of Jim Jones’ extra sensory perceptions.  However, she is very concerned about social issues and agrees with me about the harmfulness of the present economic system.

On our return we visited another of Eddie’s friends.  I had 2 glasses of Scotch and was very tired.

I slept for an hour and a half.

Took a shower while Mabs told the others of some of her relationships.

Eddie borrowed a projector and showed the films I had given Dor, of her, Paul, Mabs, Edna, Miranda, Matthew, Mother and the ranch.

We had dinner which Edna prepared: t-bone steak, baked potato, mushrooms, tomatoes.  I had paid for the food.

Mabs told of the trial and sentencing of the man who attempted to rape and murder her.  He “copped a plea” was sentenced to seven years of which he served two.  She does not think he was rehabilitated.

Mabs told of some of her experiences doing home teaching.

We looked at the films again.

The others went to bed.  I made journal entries.  I then read a few items Dor and Mabs had saved for me including an article about folklore written by Matthew.

I went to bed at 1.30.