Edith Roller – August 19, 1976 – Thursday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-74-76

We were up at 8.00.

For breakfast we had pancakes and syrup and black currant jam.

With Ben and Laura we started on a walk to Dillon Lake.   We met on the way an elderly woman, an old-timer, who is in charge of the Summit Historical Museum, which has been gathering mementos from the Dillon area.  She showed us through the museum.  I bought a couple of post cards to send to Lor and Dor and Marquita at the office.  We then continued our walk to the lake, looking at the condominiums there.

For lunch we had hamburgers.

Laura left for Steamboat Springs to see Lesley Yount, daughter of my mother’s Aunt Ruby.

Josie has a beautiful rock garden.  Mabs and Edna took some plants from it.  We all had our pictures taken in front of it.

We left for Denver about 2.00, driving over Hoosier Pass and through ____.  I drove until we turned up her yard.

We arrived home at 5.00.

I slept for an hour.

We dressed and went to the city for dinner.  We walked around a rehabilitated area called Larimer Square and ate at the Lafitte Restaurant.  It was a high class restaurant.  We all had sea food and wine.  Dor paid the bill.

We looked around a store which sold plants and she bought one for Joyce.  Dor had met her years ago when she was working at the bookstore at Joslin’s Department Store.  Joyce who is a close friend of both Mabs and Dor, is the daughter and wife of rich men. The father owned the Repuiln Drug Stores and Max Struble owns a hardware store.  Joyce works in the store and is according to Mabs and Dor, quite liberal.  She is now deeply involved with NOW, the National Organization of Women.  She has done many services for Mabs and Dor and they always visit her when in town.  I remember meeting her only once.

We took Dor to the airport.  Her plane wasn’t until about 4.00.  We had a soft drink and talked with her until about 2.00.  Both Edna and I had some items to show her.  Edna’s were items used in her teaching, letters concerning Alice Garrison’s will, her plans for a cookbook. I had a few items on religion, ESP and so on.

Dor was sure she wouldn’t go to sleep and miss her plane, so we left.  We made good time, getting home about 3.00.