Edith Roller – August 20, 1976 – Friday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-77-78

I slept late.

We stayed at home today.

We three took a walk down the road.  Mabs and Edna discussed the various flowers and shrubs.  Tourists have scattered a good deal of trash around and we took back aluminum which Edna sells.

Mabs worked in Edna’s garden.

Edna showed me how to put new zippers in 2 of the dresses Claire gave me.  Under her instruction, I did most of it except the machine sewing.

We had more discussion.  Mabs gave more detail on the assault she had undergone when a young black man had attempted to rape and murder her.  She fought him off; he then stabbed her 3 times and threw two objects at her face, leaving her for dead.  She described the plastic surgery she had which was remarkably successful.

I learned of the financial situation of each sister.  Mabs is able to get along on her annuity, supplemented by her home teaching.  I don’t think the nursery is returning anything to her and her partner that they don’t put back in the business but she says they have a firm foundation and an excellent reputation.  The house is run down and needs much work but she refuses to sell it on account of the garden.

Edna plans to retire in another year.  She will get retirement pay from the school district until old enough to draw social security.  She makes twice the salary I do and Alice left her $17,000.  Most of her surplus has gone into the house and she still has more to do.

Edna made preparations for the return of Sue, to whom she has rented the downstairs.  Sue is expected this weekend  Edna has cooking, laundry and sleeping facilities already upstairs, is moving her dishes and cooking equipment.

I washed my hair.

For dinner we had some boned chicken on boiled potatoes and a salad.

I read Radicalism in America.

Went to bed about 12.00.