Edith Roller – August 21, 1976 – Saturday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-79-81

I slept until 9.00.

Mabs and Eddie had walked with dogs.

Mabs and I had honey dew melon, and egg and toast for breakfast.  Eddie ate coffee cake.

I packed.

Eddie offered to finish the sewing on my dresses while I changed sheets on the beds.  Mabs will move upstairs.  Mabs continued with her gardening projects at which she worked most of the day.

I had a half hour’s walk.  I went up the road on property above Eddie’s place owned by Johns Mansville.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The wild flowers were he best I have ever seen.

Eddie and I left for the airport at 12.00. Mabs stayed back.  Eddie made one stop at an electrical shop and I purchased some grapes and a can of salted nuts, as a meal was not going to be served on the plane.

Eddie and I discussed the reunion we sisters had had, agreeing that it had been very successful.  We are all concerned about each other and reassured that we are all well.  Even Mabs is in a better condition that we had expected, though we wish she didn’t smoke or drink so much.  Edna said they were pleased that I was happy, had friends and are now convinced that my retirement is taken care of.  She asked if I thought they were selfish.  I told her the whole country was living at a level which was beyond its deserts.

My own conclusions are that although not racist and although they back many progressive ideas and movements, they require to accept the seriousness of the situation.  All have faith that reformist solutions can and probably will be found to our national problems.  They are bound by ties to loved ones and property they own.  Dor is so adamantly anti-religion that she cannot accept any phenomena which she regards as supernatural.  She also lacks sympathy with all living things and to certain extent with people.  I did make some headway with all of them in leading them to view extra-sensory occurrences as real.

We arrived at the airport at 1.30.  Edna did not come in.

The plane, a Continental flight to San Francisco by way of Colorado Springs and Albuquerque, left at 2.35.  I had a window seat.  At Albuquerque I got off the plane and walked around the airport.  I was pleased with the tiles of Indian designs in the passageway and interested in the Kachina dolls.  On the flight we had good views of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Death Valley and the Sierras.

I read Radicalism in America, ate my grapes and nuts.  Soft drinks and nuts were served twice.

We arrived at 6.14 San Francisco time.  I took the limousine in to the city, walked up to Geary to get the bus.  I waited nearly an hour.  When it finally came, the drive told me that there had been two mishaps at the East Bay terminal.  The brakes of one bus went out and a woman slipped and hurt her head and an ambulance had to be called.

I transferred to the Masonic bus, was home by 8.00.

I made some spaghetti with canned tomatoes and ate it.

I unpacked.

Went to bed at 10.30.