Edith Roller – August 22, 1976 – Sunday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-82-83

I got up at 8.00.

Made journal entries.

A little after 10.00, I went up to the Hayes Neighborhood Coop to buy a few items of produce.  It is now open on Sunday, but not until 11.00.  So I took a short walk in Golden Gate Park.  My sense of smell, which began to come back my last day in Colorado, returned in the park and I could smell the flowers.  The little coop still didn’t have its produce out, so I went over to Petrini’s and purchased a few items.

Prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes.

Made more journal entries.

Pressed clothes for an hour and a half.

Lay down for 2 ½ hours but just dozed.

Ate some watermelon.

On the radio I heard that Muni drivers had voted on a contract offered by the supervisors.  If it was not accepted, they would go on strike and buses wouldn’t be running tomorrow.  Betty Barclay called me and said she would call me tomorrow morning if the buses weren’t running, she would give me a ride.  However, before I went to bed I heard the contract had been accepted.

I had hoped to type on my journal but didn’t get at it.  I was very tired.

I read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.00.