Edith Roller – August 25, 1976 – Wednesday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-89-93

Dor was back.  Told her of my vacation.

In the morning I put on MagCard a short item for Maggie.

Ate lunch quickly at my desk.

I mailed a check to the Coop Credit Union with a payment on my loan and a deposit.

Took the bus up Mission and paid my telephone bill and then paid my bill at PG&E.

Maggie brought back the Sonatrach affidavit (for the third time) with several changes in both the French and English.  Dor had the basic document on MagCard and I entered the changes, but doing the French version back for another change.  I barely finished before closing time.

Marquita had some work on the computer.  She’s enjoying her ATS class more than she did at first.

Got home about 5.30.

Slept 5.45 to 6.45.

Ate quick dinner.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Magnolia had told me she would call me and I could get a ride with her and Marshall Farris.  They would pick me up about 7.30.

Magnolia told me ___ ___ ___ people going on the buses to LA paid their fare that soon fewer buses would be going (most of them using the buses are communal).  He was told that in LA but when they asked how many people living there intended to move up to San Francisco.  ___ responded that he ___ ___ ___ just stood and shook his head.

Half of the ___ ___  been  ___ ____ ___ __ additional sleeping space.

Announcements were made.

The noise in the auditorium was worse than usual.

Jim on the podium at 8.50.

Jim summarized the conditions in Iran under the Shah’s regime put into power by the US government.

Jim:  We have ___ ___ without ____ so that the polar ice caps are melting.  There is drought in regions where  _____ _____ .  ____  and earthquakes are occurring.  Nuclear war threatens.  A recent study by computer gave an 85% certainty of economic collapse.  Having made three predictions of disaster, Jim wound up by stating this church is apathetic when we can save ourselves and others.

Jim took the offering.  While doing so he talked at length.

He said because so few were paying their fares and so much money was being spent running the buses that trips to and from LA would probably be discontinued.  The buses would leave tonight for LA and people brought up; the following weekend buses would go down to conduct some meetings there.  We would have meetings with Marcy when he is not in San Francisco.

He spoke of the ___ ____ ___ ____ whom he called ___ ____ ____

Liz has __ ____ _

(unreadable rest of page)

… did not.  She has phoned Bob’s mother and startled her by saying he had been murdered,  Liz had had sexual relations with a ___ minor child, had taught aberrant sex practices to a young person on welfare (probably Reneé)  Now said she was living at her grandfather’s and stood to inherit a great deal of money but she was obviously not happy.

Garry (I gathered he may have left the Temple following Liz’s (example) .  Had said the agricultural mission in Guyana is a concentration camp and that people could not escape.  Jim answered the audience that anybody could go to the American consul and ask to be sent home and repatriation was obligatory.  Garry had made his treasonous remarks to Teresa King.

Jim went on to complain of many pampered actions and ___ ____ ___ in the church __ __ theft of auto parts as well as ___ ___ work on cars an buses.  He was very severe about these malefactions.  He seemed very discouraged and contrasted the loose behavior of many of our members with his own twenty-four hour addiction to our welfare.  He doesn’t leave the building for weeks on end, except to get in the bus to go to LA.  If we thought he enjoyed being with people we were wrong,  They just made demands on him.  He gave an example of the numerous notes he receives everyday with petty complaints.

Jim made a congratulatory reference to Prof. Roller who sent him up something _____ ___ -tional,  referring to a clipping I had contributed concerning the Hollywood film makers who are now sending crews to South Africa to take advantage of the cheap labor.

A film, “Sacco and Vanzetti” was shown.  At it’s end Jim ___ __ that today such have to test you situations as __ ___ ___ __ __ ___ ____  50 per year Americans do not care.”

He remarked on the fear of death evinced by many at sight of the electric chair.  A good socialist will not fear death.  It would be the greatest reward he could receive.

Anthony Doswell had been reported by Danny Beck for trying to tear up a post in the men’s room. His dad, Hugh Doswell, was, however, the focus of attention.  He left his post in LA though he had given his word to Jim that he would pay attention to duty.  He wrecked another car last weekend.  Jim said that he was continuing his pattern of working little and causing us trouble.  “You come and go as far as you want.  Archie said, don’t send me this man again.  You stand between us and your children every time and encourage hostility.  For the sake of your children we have given you an opportunity to work and produce.”  When Laveria’s wrongness was pointed out, you used it for your purposes.  I’ve never seen anybody here as honkified as you.  He was given some $40 for clothes, had spent some of it for food, though meals are provided in the commune.  Jim was at his wits end to know what to do to teach him to be a cooperative member.  He had fallen dead on the platform.  He had been made extremely ill.  Countless times he had promised to improve.

Jim  said he was to turn over what is left, work all night, get a job tomorrow.  “If you don’t work, you go and whoever stands with you will go too.”

Nevada Harris was reported for talking in front of people who had just come in from LA about bad-living conditions in the communes.  The main point seemed to be that they were bothered by fleas, a common experience in San Francisco.  The young woman who had turned Nevada in was not very clear on details and Jim dismissed the case.

Jim had to cut off questions on divine matters.

He took another offering.

He commented on people’s treatment of authority.  We accept anything the government or police decree, but we _____ him for the slightest rebuke.

There was a brief healing period.

Jim made us repeat the closing song with insistence on explanation of enthusiasm.

He expressed regret that the meeting was so late.  He dismissed us at 2.30.

An announcement was made that children and young people under 19 would go to Marineland Tomorrow, were to meet at the Temple at 8.00, the bus would leave at 9.00.  Those who were not communal were to bring $1.00.

The mechanics were to meet with government after the service.  As Marshall is one Magnolia and I had to look for someone to take us home.  Although I was prepared to take the Geary bus to Masonic and then walk. Magnolia found a ride for us.

I did dishes.

Had some toast and peanut butter and toast and jam and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 4.00.