Edith Roller – August 26, 1976 – Thursday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-98-101

Slept until 6.30.  Didn’t have any breakfast.  Ate an orange at work.

Neither Dor nor I had any work all day.  After Marquita finished her class in the morning, she had miscellaneous work.  Documents to do on ATS.

We had discussions on social matters, such as ____ ___  limits, the waste of the fashion___ men’s vests (my opinion) and so on and finally roles of blacks in society (Dor and Marquita oppose going out of one’s way to improve relations), which became somewhat heated.

I ate lunch on the PG&E steps.  The day was quite hot.

At home I exercised.

Took my laundry to the laundromat.

Prepared and ate dinner.

I intended to do some chores and wash my hair but Bonnie Beck called. She wanted to come over and talk to me about doing an article for the Temple newspaper.

She arrived about 9.30 and stayed a couple of hours.  She is on sick leave from her job, although Jim had cured whatever her illness was.  Don is expected back from the p.l. on 1 September.  Bonnie lives with Pat Grunnett now, where Liz Forman used to be.  Pat works also at Juvenile Hall.  Bob Davis is working on the apartment construction in LA.

Bonnie had no particular item in mind for me to write for the newspaper.  I told her of my ideas of writing something concerning the high agricultural civilization of dark people and how it has usually been taken over by lighter nomadic peoples who then enslave or exterminate the dark races.  We are not sure this theme would be suitable for the newspaper but she thought I should give the material to Jim to use with the congregation and to Lois Ponts who is in charge of a group of Junior High level children.

I also suggested for the newspaper questionnaire on the Bible which would give the contradictor answers which Jim uses to show it unreliability.  I read to her Dor’s [Edith’s sister] list of quotations on religious belief and atheism.

Bonnie was indignant with Liz and freely gave me more information on her disposition.  She said Liz had ___ ___ concerned ___ ___ comfort and very unsympathetic about other people.  ___ ____ ___ to demanding with children.  The people had done the work in the housing committee. Bonnie particularly _____ her for persuading Garry to leave when he seemed to be adapting well to the Temple.  Garry is with Liz, Bonnie said.  It was unforgivable that she just dumped Reneé instead of placing her with someone else.  Liz spent much time on her make-up.  When I inquired what had led to Liz’s leaving the Temple now, Bonnie thought it was the prospect of getting money form her grandfather.  Jim had always known what she was like.  She was mentally unstable and he gave her every chance.

Bonnie told me Linda [Swaney] Dunn’s daughter is now in Juvenile hall.  She used cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol and has been on the “pill” since she was 11 ½. She is 14 now.

I mentioned my books to Bonnie and she suggested I let her keep them.  Jim is moving everything down from Redwood Valley.

Bonnie left at 11.45.

I did my dishes and put my laundry away.

I read newspapers and a little from Roszak for an hour.

I went to bed at 2.30.