Edith Roller – August 29, 1976 – Sunday

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Got up at 8.00.  After I had my bath, Florine got up.

For breakfast we had black cherry juice, eggs, toast, vegetarian bacon strips,  I did the dishes.

I dressed.

Florine was slow in getting out of the bathroom, but we were able to leave at 10.45. Magnolia phoned that Brother Farris had to attend a meeting at 11.00 and would be late if he came to pick us up, she proposed going to service by bus. Florine said she had difficulty getting on a bus and offered to pay for a taxi as I told her I had no money left.  Higher taxi fares went into effect today.

Service did not get underway until 11.45 though scheduled for 11.30.

Jim was on the podium about 12.45 while Norman was taking offering.

Jim took another offering.

Don Beck has returned.  Spoke.  Emphasized spirit of cooperation, all races together, the air, the animals, food crops.  Jim: bananas we raise pay for the Guyanese workers.  Jim read long front-page article in Guyana newspaper about our agricultural operations.  We have assisted local people with our equipment, cementing relationships.  We have invested $2,000,000 in this project.

Questions (to Jim on anything, on p.l. to Don)
(1) tell our relatives about p.l.? Answer: Yes when you’re there.  They’ll want to come.

(2) Some ___ __ in respect to question on murder of Americans in Iran.  Jim: on permanent damage to our economy from pollution.  All minors will be killed.  Rich have refuges prepared.  Report there will be war over Korea, Lebanon, South Africa.  Have to have war because of surplus population.  Can’t have unemployed youth running around because they commit crimes.

(3) Woman wants to know why we don’t know who we were in former life? Why we have to go through things in this life?  Jim: We don’t remember much of our childhood.  Under hypnosis we can be taken back.  Reincarnation, only logical and just answer.  I am not interested.  Neither should you be interested.  I only believe it because it has been proven to me.  I don’t believe that mind is limited to the body; it does not die with the body.  Body loses ½ pound at death.  Kirlian photography shows aura leaving body.  The less development you’ll make, the more you care about what happens to you.  Only what you do for others matters.  His plans to remove himself from the group when not needed.

He had had to do some things to protect us which if known could hurt us and there might be a time when it would be better for us if he left us.  If that were the case he would do so.  He had earlier said that in case of an emergency and if he were removed, we wouldn’t be very bright if we didn’t individually make our way to the p.l.

Jim: on limit of his love and contrast to those who cannot comprehend it.  One has to have concern and love for others in his own nature in order to appreciate it in another.

There was a rousing round of singing and shouting.  Jim noted those who did not take part.

People were healed.

Jim dismissed the meeting at 3.00.

I talked with Vernell Henderson about going communal as I will have to give notice on the first of September.  She said a great many people were being placed now (no doubt because of an influx from LA) and unless I wanted to share with a roommate it was going to be difficult to find a room for me.  I repeated what I had told her previously, that with the pressure of my job, I needed privacy, after work and also would disturb a room mate with my typing.  She said she would confer with others at the break and let me know tonight.

I took the Fillmore bus and transferred to the McAllister bus, as I had such bad luck with the Hayes bus.  I made good connections.

Ate some tuna fish, crackers and lettuce with mayonnaise.

Put white polish on. Pair of shoes and my purse.

Walked back to the evening service.

Meeting at 6.30.

Rides.  I had to get one as I hadn’t seen Brother Farris and Magnolia does not come on Sunday night.

Offering.  Jim told of a very expensive law case we had in LA.  He had to hire one of the best attorneys in the US and fly one of our attorneys plus supporting staff there.  The husband of Melissa Jackson who was a sadist and a police informant was opposing her custody of two children.  He [Jim] could not leave for the p.l. with some of our members children, condemned to stay here.  The husband had raped Melissa when she came home from the hospital after childbirth with stitches in her.  One child had shown incredible bravery, offering to bring out evidence that the father was a dealer in drugs.

Speaking of babies, he referred to a rash of pregnancies and requests of women to be permitted to have babies.  As a later incident reveled, some of the background to this remark took place at the Tuesday night communal meeting.  We try to treat all equally.  If one woman has a right to a baby, every woman has a right to one.  If she can’t have one, you should share your baby.  You should be socialistic about everything.

Projection of film started.  Trouble with sound.  Gave up.

Commendations read to those who responded to request for newspaper delivery.

Those who came in a LA bus but were nowhere to be found when work was to be done, brought up.  Some poor excuses were given.  Jim intervened to say one bus would be held back so the guilty ones could work all night and learn a lesson,  Sylvia Watson came up with out permission of her mother.  She is 17. Mother is hostile to the church.  One girl reported a young man for smoking weed in the park.  One group of three young men to break up for 30 days.

Jim cured Chris Lewis of a hip injury which required him to be on crutches.  Injury will show on x-rays when needed to collect damaged.

Those on bus 4 who gave difficulty were brought up.  Complaint was noise which prevented others from sleeping. Guilty to work all night. Also given financial penalties. Some were the same involved in previous case.

Bus No. 10.  Same situation, passengers reported they got no rest at all.

Rob Gieg and Renee.  Possessive with baby. Talking about making other living arrangements.  Interpreted to mean they would leave the church.  They say they meant only to consult Council.  Jim says they’re wrecking life of their baby.  Rob and Renee moved in with Mae.  Jim ordered them to move back in communal system or leave the church.  Rob says he didn’t want to move in with Mae.  Jim says: don’t give me an ultimatum.  “I have to have something or else.”  Jim says he received comments that Jason clings to Renee.  You’re foolish not to give the child the advantage of the stimulation and mixture they get in this program.

Stephanie Jones. Reports of losing temper and lack of cooperation.  Given 2 nights work.

Stanley Clayton.  Commendation. Good discipline. Driving car for newspaper distribution.

“The Loved One.” Shown, as sound system now in operation. However, the sound was bad and I missed many lines.  The picture was less subtle and more farcical than the book and whole new episode had been invented,  The audience appreciated the slapstitck better than the satirical references.  Jim’s comments were to point up the revolting aspects of American life.

Called up among others: Chris Buckley, Jim Arthur Jones, Martin Amos, Dov Lundquist, Nawab Lawrence, Jon Stoen (first time), Larry Tupper, Janet bashed Larry up in connection with a ___.  Bad language Hugh Doswell, Jon Stoen, April Klingman,  Given work assignments from 2 hours to all night.

Tommy Moore had things in his room which were brought in for the sale: knife, clock radio, stereo.  A great risk was taken to get him from his mother.  Mother has offered custody.  Can’t get to p.l. that way (doing wrong).

Picture ended 12.00 o’clock.

People who had to go to work left for LA on one bus.

Church has to be cleaned and repaired for testimonial dinner.  Lois Ponts and Don Beck are in charge.  Everyone has to do his share.

Robert Paul involved in sex episode.  Question was whether informant, a young man correctly interpreted what he saw.  Rouletta, Rob’s wife could not at first be found.  She was discovered.  Had left the auditorium after the movie (the case had been announced during the movie).  Jim on sex experience.  “I think its a crime to have a baby at 15.”  Jim takes Rob’s word.  Jim confesses he doesn’t know what to do about sex situation.  Jim suggests perhaps everything should be turned loose.  Present rules discriminate against communal people.

Discussion inconclusive.  Several comments, didn’t help.

Following previous discussion, obvious Rouletta is pregnant.  Paul says they decided on abortion because this wasn’t the time.  Jim inquires whether this is what they want to do.  Has been read they don’t take proper care of the 2 they do have.

Jim: Those who want to have babies should let us know so arrangements can be worked out in the p.l. He will try to provide partners for those who don’t have them.

With reference to the difficulty of enforcing behavior in the sexual area, Jim said:  I personally don’t give a shit.

I’m tired of being God over everything.  In decision the other night Paul was to get a job.  He hasn’t found one yet.  And Rouletta was to raise money, as was he: neither had any yet.

As he started to take a final offering, Jim displayed great discouragement.  If people did not want to keep the rules, he could take the loyal ones and do something, “like on RR tracks.”  But he added at the end, “I don’t let my depression affect what I do for you and don’t you either.”

He dismissed the meeting at 2.00.

I waited until Vernell was through helping at the altar and then inquired whether she had any word for me. She said she had not consulted with some others in the leadership and they were going to try to work something out, so I concluded that they did not consider my desires out of line.  I believe the remark of Jim’s about not saying we were going to have our own way, probably reference to the Gieg case and not to my desires as I had imagined.

I delivered to Jim a report I had written on the Haight Community Store and its participants.

My ride was with Girlie Para, who took 3 people to my area and then returned for load to San Bruno where she lives.

I got home about 2.45.

I ate some toast and jam and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 3.00.