Edith Roller – October 3, 1976 – Sunday

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Got up at 9.00.

I typed on the Temple letters for Dick Tropp.  The typewriter and extension cord worked fine on the electrical outlet in the apartment.

Prepared breakfast.  I had an egg and toast.

I didn’t go to the Temple service today.

At 10.00, I went to my old apartment.  Took the Geary bus to Marina and walked the rest of the way.  I had left some cleaning material and took some things.  Borrowed a vacuum cleaner and broom from Mrs. Heitmeier.  Called Lor and had a healthy talk with her, telling her about my move.  Cleaned the apartment thoroughly, washing shelves and refrigerator and stove and sweeping floors.  At 2.00 I took time to go to the Hayes Street Coop to get bread and fruit, but not much was available.  Continued cleaning until 5.00.  Packed up my items which I had left on Saturday.

Saw Mrs. Heitmeier and gave her my new address.  Paid her at a daily rate for 3 days rent, $14.01.  She told me the cleaning deposit was $100.00  The owner had to approve a repayment and it would be sent to me if it was approved.

I took a taxi.

Stopped at the Temple and delivered the three letters to Dick Tropp who was in the law office.  There was going to be an evening service and Terry Carter was in the office waiting to receive and record a call from Jim.

My key to the building wouldn’t work.  Last night and tonight another tenant let me in but a woman from the office came out and helped me. She said her name was Ruth and she was very pleasant.

I prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes.

Straightened up the apartment.

Read the newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 10.30.  Slept in the bed having cleared the room of the objects which had been in my way.