Edith Roller – October 5, 1976 – Tuesday

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Because of the infrequency of Muni buses, I spend as much time getting to work as before

I telephoned PG&E and Pacific Telephone and had service discontinued.  Put in a change of address to the post office.  The three of us in the office spent the greater part of the day  on the Manfsield Suez Cement contract.  I typed a portion n MagCard for ATS.   We ordered an express print-out.  The Mansfield and Greenfield had wanted it by noon, by the time we ran off copies on the xerox, it was 4.00.

I had some time to work on journal entries.

The noon films were, “The United Way is People,” which showed interviews with recipients of aid and people on the street expressing their views and “The Faces of the Sea,” about the life of Maine Fishermen.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

The temperature these days has been very warm.

I had seen Viola Godshalk when I left the building in the morning.  She had been waiting for a ride to the Temple with Bob Houston, who didn’t come.  I told her I’d drop in and see her after work.  She shares an apartment with Rocki Breidenbach.  The apartment was filled with knick-knacks, almost all of which are Rocki’s and Viola says she keeps bringing in more, including plants.  She had pictures of her family displayed.  I asked Viola how she got money to buy so much, as communal members are not supposed to have private funds except an $8.00 a month.  Viola didn’t know, In addition to the disorder in which she lives, Viola is handicapped by lack of transportation,  The person who usually gives a ride is on the Temple trip. She has been going for treatment to Laguna Honda.  She had no way to go to the Temple to eat so was making herself some pancakes.  Rocki had borrowed a Temple car but had to return it.

I prepared my dinner, ate and washed clothes.

I put away almost everything in the kitchen, working until 10.00.

Read newspapers until 11.00.  I was so tired I didn’t even make a Sanka but drank quantities of water, as it was very hot in the afternoon.

Then went to bed.