Edith Roller – October 7, 1976 – Thursday

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I had no work again today.

Finished all journal entries including the one for Wednesday 29 September which was quite long.

Marquita and I had a conversation about Dor’s keeping us unoccupied and not passing work along.  I have had 2 entire days to be charged on my time card as administrative overhead.  Marquita also thought it was unfair that she has to do all the Litigation Reports, as they are tedious.  Marquita, when unhappy, first gets moody and then angry.

I ate lunch at my desk.  Went to the bank. I intended to cash a check for personal needs and give my salary check to the Temple, but I forgot and deposited it.  I went to the post office for more change of address cards.

In the afternoon I wrote a memo to Betty on Dor’s condition and work habits.  I told Betty I feared for her mental stability.  I marked the memo confidential.  Told Marquita that I had written a memo to Betty on the office situation but did not show it to her.  One of my motives is that when Betty sees my time card tomorrow, she is likely to notice that I had 30 hours of administrative overhead.

A few minutes after I delivered the memo to Betty, Dor took in to show her the latest litigation report the office had received.  She wanted to show Betty how sloppy the material was.

I have noted or overheard remarks of several others in the department concerning Dor’s unreasonable behavior.  She reacts to unusual requests in an uncompromising way which offends people.

Dor asked me to take the forms for the United Way, for which she is one of the canvassers, to the people on her list.

I did my laundry in the washer and dryer in the basement of the apartment house.

Prepared and ate some food and washed the dishes.

Did personal chores.

Washed my hair.

Read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.30.