Edith Roller – October 8, 1976 – Friday

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Betty told Dor, as Dor reported to me, that she should give work to be done on the machines to Marquita and me, that she did not want to see one of us idle while Dor was on the computer.  Dor split up the Litigation Report about which she complained among the three of us.  It turned out to be not so difficult as it had at first seemed.  I spent 5 hours on the report.

Ate outside on the PG&E steps.

After work I tore up some packing boxes to throw down the garbage shoot.

Went to the Temple by bus about 6.45.  Dinner had not been served yet, as the Temple was fumigated today.

I took upstairs my week’s pay to give to Terry Carter.  She wasn’t in the office and Carolyn Layton said she would give it to her.  Several people were counseling Nawab Lawrence.  I also left the last journal section for Tim Stoen.  I talked with Carolyn about the journal.  She assured me the manuscripts would be taken to Guyana with us.  She mentioned that some day we must get at editing it, as it will be the record of the movement.

When I went downstairs, food was being served.  Joyce Rozynko told me of her difficulty in getting some plates to take to some ailing members at the Herman Street commune.  Some children in the line were noisy and she tried to curb them. The service began about 7.45.  Dave Garrison and Wesley Johnson presiding.

There was so much disorder and noise that Leona Collier from the podium had to address the congregation and insist on an attitude of reverence.  She decided to seat children with adults.  I had 2 children beside me.

The children were allowed to come to the platform to sing.

Tom Adams took the offering.  He told how Bob Stroud was saved from fire while welding.

Three children and 5 adults testified

Miller Bridgewater sang 2 songs.

Rob Christian took a second offering.

Don Beck gave his impressions of the promised land.

The Gospel Singers sang.

Tim Stoen took another offering, after speaking about Jim’s leadership.

Dick Tropp spoke on the overthrow of the democratic government in Thailand and establishment of a military dictatorship.  He played a tape of Jim speaking at the testimonial dinner.

Wesley came out to raise some $300 more to make the budget.  He succeeded with what people promised to bring tomorrow night and a large contribution from himself.

(I kept no further notes for this date-Edith)