Edith Roller – October 9, 1976 – Saturday

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Got up at 8.00.

Went to the Moulin Rouge, an attractive petite restaurant, about a block down on Geary, for a good breakfast.

Took the bus to Bechtel to get my clipboard which I had forgotten.

Then took a bus up Market to Powell Street at 10.00 and went to the Marinello School of Beauty, where I had a permanent.  I asked for a tight curl.  I had 2 good operators, a Filipina and a young man from Bolivia.  The charge was $15.50.  I was through about 12.30

I went home on the bus, ate a couple of apples and a cup of Sanka.

I then took the bus to the Coop and bought several grocery items, mostly fruit, besides shampoo and hair rinse.  It was quite difficult walking to and from the bus with my paper bags.

After I had my purchases in the apartment, I went out again to buy tomatoes at a shop on Geary at Hyde, as the Coop tomatoes have been too expensive.  I also bought some grapes.

The day was pleasant and sunny.

I drank some Sanka and read the Sunday paper for a few minutes.

Had a nap from 5.15 to 6.15.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Caught the bus about 6.30 to go up for dinner.

The quantity of food was small thought the food, roasted chicken, green beans and chocolate pudding, was very good.

I had a talk with Viola Godshalk.  She and Rocki were moved from the 5th to the first floor.  4 are in their apartment instead of 2 and she will share a room with another person.  She said she finally spoke to Rocki about keeping such a clutter in the living room.  Unfortunately lost her ____.

The service began at 7.30 with making ride arrangements announcements, congregational singing.

Harry Williams took the offering.

Testimonials, among which Marcy told us of plane which blew up from a bomb placed on it.

Marcy had all the children line up and march to the front to sing their song.

Bob Christian took another offering.

Tape of one of Jim’s sermons.

Dick Tropp reviewed instructions from Jim to remind us of what happened in Thailand this week.  The democratic government which the city had enjoyed for 3 years was over.  Thrown over by a fascist dictatorship in a matter of hours amidst horrible brutality.

The offering was inadequate.  Mother decided to come down and take the money.  She became indignant about those who don’t give in his absences.  She collected $300.

Marcy announced that Jim had speaking engagements in New York.  Would be back after this unless appointments were arranged for him that were necessary for the family’s protection.  The others on the trip are on the way home.

Marcy gave some revelations from Jim.

We again filed up to touch Jim’s robe.

Meeting was dismissed at 11.30.

I had a ride with the same 3 women with whom I went home last night.

Straightened up the apartment, putting in better order the boxes which I have not yet unpacked.

Intended to read for an hour but dozed off in my chair and didn’t get to bed until 3.00.