Edith Roller – October 10, 1976 – Sunday

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Up at 9.00.

Showered, ending with cold water.

Breakfast: orange, ground turkey meat, toast and Sanka, washed dishes.


Took the bus to the Temple.  Dorothy Brewer was on the bus.  She said in addition to working on a job, she is taking a technical course and can’t find time to study, as the 3 women with her talk to her all the time.

We were about half an hour late.

The crowd was larger than any I had seen since the trip started.

Dave Garrison took the offering.

Mother Jones on podium about 1.00.

Marcy told as she had hope of going back to the Methodist Church in Indiana she had attended as a child and in which she and Jim were married.  She explained her philosophy of doing something about other’s misery instead of leaving it all to God and introduced Jim Jr. as her son.

At start of testimonials, children sang.

A long line of people testified.  Some sang and some talked.

Guy Young took second offering but Marcy told again of bomb placed on plane meant to kill Jim.  Marcy told of Sandy Parks who left the cause because of involvement of her husband.  She just operated on for cancer of uterus and vagina may lose her husband because of it.

Commendation for Patty Pettit who instead of shoving around Ever Rejoicing ___  ___ helped her up.

Marcy answered our questions on her life with Father.

(1) Jim’s first evidence of some ____ ___  her sense of responsibility it would place on him.

(2) Marcy’s feelings about treatment she received on adoption of Jimmy.

(3) Did you develop you consciousness about social injustice from your association with Jim?  Answer: yes.

(4) Tell about your time in Brazil ___ children and putting ___ ___ ___

(5) Mary Wotherspoon, Jr. (little Mary, child).  How did she and Father meet.   I was a nurse and he was an orderly. Helped me prep the body for burial of a young girl who died of trichinosis.

Video tape of a sermon Jim gave in August.  Crew was being trained.

Wesley with Bob Christian’s support took offering.  Marcy suggested contest between the two.  Bob’s side won.  Over $500 was raised.

Marcy gave revelations from Jim.

Congregation filed up touching Jim’s robe.

Service dismissed at 3.30.

Communal people were served dinner.  Those who are not communal could be served on payment of $3.55.  Dinner was very good: ham, spinach, Jell-O with peaches.

I decided not to stay for the evening service and went home on the bus.  My watch had stopped and I couldn’t get the time.  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___that it was an hour. Then it was…???

Pressed ___ ___ ___

Typed in my journal for 2 hours.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at about 1.00.