Edith Roller – October 13, 1976 – Wednesday

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The Schuman pro forma documents were done by both Marquita and me came back with some errors in them.  I corrected mine in about half an hour and ordered an express print-out of both documents just before lunch.

In the meantime I had taken some dictation from Philippe Lamy, an amendment to a Reynolds Metals contract, which I put on MagCard.  I made him a draft and at the close of the day had not yet received it back.

At lunchtime I saw a Canadian Film Board picture (out on video tape), “Wet Earth, Warm People” showing experiences of a group of white people among the people of Indonesia.  Ate my lunch in the assembly room.

At 3.00 Dor, Marquita and I met with Betty Vasil to discuss the office procedures and our differences.  Betty allowed each of us to express our opinions.  Dor was very defensive and made complaints about both of us, in my case that I conspired with Marquita against her. She explained her assignment of work and the fact that I was not given much on the computer, alleging that I was slow and she made a practice of mentioning lateness of arrival and conversation in the office against both of us, while ignoring her own culpability in these regard.  Marquita and I put the emphasis on her tendency to give minute and unnecessary work directions and I mentioned her habit of giving out work at the end of a day and her failure to appreciate the passage of time. Betty said, as she had previously told Dor, that Dor was to give Marquita and me operation of work before she did any herself, leaving herself free to handle administration and talk to anyone bringing in work.  Betty thought some progress had been made and promised a meeting again next week, workload permitting.

I went home, washed and took the bus to the Temple.

Saw Phyllis Houston at the bus stop.  She had just moved to San Francisco.  She had been driving to LA every week and worked in the garage 2 days a week.

Took the bus to the Temple and had dinner.  I tried to find people who could answer some of my questions.  JoAnn Davis said she had sent vitamins to Rocki Breidenbach for people in our commune.  I went up to the law office and saw June Crym who told me the routine which was followed with respect to the week’s needs, getting prescriptions filled, breakfast supplies and so on, but she advised me to see Terry Carter who would put me on the communal rolls.  I went upstairs to find Terry but saw Vernell and Maria first.  Vernell said she would see me later tonight.

Announcement that meeting tomorrow night at the Temple on social security, welfare, medical with Laura Efrein.

Lee Ingram warned that too many complaints had been received against children misbehaving at school.  Any child so reported will be dealt with severely. All students in Opportunity School must be on Temple bus at 1.15, 3 times a week to distribute newspapers.

Bob Christian took the offering.  I was not asked to participate.

Security meeting mandatory for all security personnel form San Francisco, Los Angeles on Thursday night,

Harry Williams asked new members who came back on the trip to stand and the congregation greeted them.  LC Mitchell told of being cured him of heart trouble after he had fallen from the roof.

Norman Ijames led some congregational singing,.  He took a second offering

Following testified concerning the trip, CJ Jackson. St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Chicago.  Jim had trouble with his throat and was in pain but spoke endlessly.

The new people were introduced and spoke .

Reverend Edwards.
Dale Parks took another offering.

Tapes of Jim’s ____ This undoubtedly one of sermons given and trip can’t referred to church in which group were meeting it very frankly deals with the topics of the Bible, its promise of heaven in contest with the actuality of the p.l.

Wesley Johnson took an offering by sum in an effort to make the budget.

Dale gave revelations from Jim.

The congregation filed up to touch Jim’s picture.

The meeting was out at about 12.30.

Lela Murphy and I, with several others were supposed to go home to 1029 Geary with Johnny Mae Yates, but she had to take another load first.  I went out to bus No. 12 with Lela to get her suitcase. Picked up my lunch for tomorrow – unhappy because it contained white bread and bologna sandwiches which we had had for dinner.  Had waited throughout the service for Vernell to talk to me about communal procedures, as I have made no progress at all in getting breakfast supplies nor my month’s allowance.  I saw Rheaviana who still has not given me a key for my mailbox.  All the above activities were frustrating.  Johnny Mae did not come to take us home until about 1.30 and I was on the point of taking the bus with Lela, who seemed to be behaviorally disturbed.  I was worried on account of the lack of sleep.

I did receive my vitamins from Rocki Breidenbach who was distributing them in our building.

I ate a piece of honeydew melon.  Got to bed at 2.10.