Edith Roller – October 15, 1976 – Friday

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Was later this morning.  Dor had picked up the print-outs.

Marquita was angry about last night’s events and told me “that bitch has branded all _____ about getting even with us.”  Dor started ___ captiously speaking that neither of us knew enough to help the other.

She started explaining to me what further had to be done with the Litigation Report.  I asked her to let me do as much as I could on the other MagCard.  The job was very difficult, as corrections had to be made, new entries made and closed cases moved to a new section at the end.

At lunch time I went to the meeting of the BWAA. A communications consultant Chris Schneider, spoke on “Communication as a Skill.”   ___ ____ was ___ ___ and she seemed to me quite ____ ___ and ____ info and ____ .

Dor went out to lunch with _____ .  Some work had come in which she had left for Marquita.  It included some ____, some typing and material to put in the mail.

I started to show her how to prep materials for mailing when Dor returned.  The ___ material was for J.C. Stromberg, new to the ____ department, a high-ranking official.  He and Betty Vasil came down to explain the material was urgent so I got off the computer and typed a long memo for him, while Dor did the xeroxing and mail distribution.  We finished the “job” on time.

Dor’s attitude improved during most of the afternoon and I was allowed to continue my work on the Litigation Report unimpeded.  I did not finish before closing time.

I finished packing at home and put up a lunch for tonight.

Took my luggage to Rocki’s apartment for her to bring in the van, as she said she would last night.

Went to the Temple by bus at 6.30.

For dinner we had roast chicken, macaroni salad, fruit.  Sat beside Jean Brown, who isn’t teaching now.  She is working at the Housing Authority.

Vernell was there and spoke to me, said she would see me about submitting my needs on Monday night.  I asked her what I could do about getting a lunch on week days.  She said to speak to Irra and perhaps I could get some supplies to make my own lunch.

I turned my check over to Vernell.

Service started at 7.30.  Dave Garrison opened it.

Frances Johnson explained the new policy of placing children among the adults in the audience and requested people to be cooperative.  The aim is to cut down on noise and confusion during the service.

The Gospel Singers presented 2 numbers.

CJ Jackson led some congregational singing.

Wesley Johnson made announcements.

Bob Christian handle rides.

Dale Parks took charge of the meeting and after leading a song took another offering.

The ministers testified: Guy Young, Dave Garrison, CJ Jackson, Bob Christian, Wesley Johnson.

Norman Ijames took another offering.  Contributions seemed very poor tonight.

Diane Wilkinson sang and played “Summertime.”

Tape of one of Jim’s sermons.

Wesley took another offering.

Two young girls in my area had been very inattentive, talked throughout the offerings and were unresponsive to my appeals to them.  I finally, with the help of a security man, took their names to turn in.  I was met with a hostile attitude.  Some neighboring women, to whom they had given trouble, let me take their names as witnesses.  Later I learned from others that they were form LA and had behaved badly on the bus.

Dale Parks gave revelations from Jim.

The congregation filed up to touch the altar.

The meeting ended about 12.15.

Vera Talley and I tried to find Rocki and the van, to get our luggage, and wandered around a long time in the parking lot and among the buses until she finally arrived.  I believe her son, Wesley, had had the van.  It was especially difficult to get a seat on the bus because I was late but bus 12 had space for me next to Viola Moton.

I ate my lunch.

Viola had a tendency to talk all the time, but I went to sleep shortly after the buses left at 1.15.

I got up at the first stop, went to the bathroom and ran.